Do grown women want to dress like Barbie?

Sunday, 31 August 2014 - 6:05am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Mattel is launching a Barbie clothing line in collaboration with high street labels but is it for everyone? After Hrs debates...

Mattel is introducing a Barbie clothing collection, in collaboration with Lord & Taylor, Forever 21, and Wildfox. The collection, available September 6, will be inspired by the doll's actual wardrobe in different eras, with Lord & Taylor interpreting the '50s, Wildfox the '80s, and Forever 21 the '90s, of course. We ask our designers if it's up grown women's alley...

Sanchita Ajjampur

Women who are confident in their bodies often look at fashion as an adventure- a medium to explore and experiment, to break down borders and preconceived notions. In this context, the Barbie trend offers an opportunity to explore yet another facet of one's personality - for that is the ultimate goal of fashion. The Barbie look can be interpreted as dressing to evoke romantic nostalgia through feminine dresses and separates, quirky styling and accessories with character. It is a great opportunity to keep things light and playful with sugary brights on peplums and fit-flare dresses that accentuate the waist.

Anita Dongre

The barbie doll has been a reflection of fashion, specially for young girls, whether following style trends or blazing her own fashion trail- right from the bubble-cut dolls in halter tops, pastel dresses representing the sophisticated glamour of the 1950's or the colour blocked skirts, tights and shoulder pads of the rock era. While a grown woman may not want to ape the exact style, she can pick certain elements of the style or the era being represented through the collection, and customise it to suit your own personal style. Fashion, today certainly has no boundaries and doesn't subscribe to hard and fast rules, so while one can incorporate trends or styles, flaunted by their favourite celebs, pop icons, or in this case, even a Barbie doll - do it in a way that complements your own personal style and is age appropriate."

Arpita Mehta

As per the news, the Barbie-inspired collection would be a limited one for this season. This means one is catering to the fashion forward people - be it old or young. Age doesn't matter with this collection.although the brands they are collaborating with are younger brands so but obviously one would find this trend more on the younger crop. It's like how Moschino has come up with the French fries, ice cream etc artwork motif for its autumn winter 2014 collection and has become an instant hit, this trend too could have the same effect!

Sreejith Jeevan

Today's fashionable women have a style of their own and they live in the real world. Their dressing is a reflection of all the things they've done in life. So personally I feel there are two ways to look at this. As much as I think the modern women of today would not prefer to look like a Barbie dressed in her clothes, I'm sure they're deriving inspiration from the eclectic style that is promoted by the doll itself through the clothes. There's of course the part of nostalgia that could make an instant bond between the clothes and the customer.

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