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Friday, 5 April 2013 - 3:00am IST | Agency: DNA
The fastest growing plastic surgery trend in the US, chin implants are gaining popularity here too.

While nips and tucks are common enough today, it seems more than lips and breasts, chin implants are the most in demand in the United States now. A well-defined jaw has always been much coveted and there are a long list of celebs who have gone in for the ‘chinplant’.

Reality star Heidi Montag is famous for having over 10 surgeries including a very apparent chin augmentation. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol has also been noticed with a more prominent chin after jaw surgery, though it was never confirmed.

 “A chin can very often contribute to the confidence of the person, provide authority and in some cases makes them quite distinguishable with the presence of a cleft,” says Dr Mohan Thomas, Cosmetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Bandra.

He further explains that the increased number of chin implants today is greatly due to an acute awareness of facial forms and the popularity and acceptance of the oval face as being desirable.

“Chin augmentation traditionally was achieved with skeletal surgery in the form of a sliding genioplasty (chin bone cut and brought forward) and in some cases the length of the chin could be increased with help of a bone graft.

However, the downside may be the longer post-operative period for recovery. Implants made of medical grade silicon or other proprietary implants can be quite effective in augmenting the chin region, particularly the projection of the chin, while lengthening might not be as effective,” he says.

    While younger women may want to add definition, older women generally opt for implants to fight sagging. Angelina Jolie’s angular profile is much requested, as are Keira Knightly and Halle Berry’s chins as well. Dr Swati Srivastava, Dermato-Cosmetologist based in Mumbai says, in India at the moment cheek implants are still more in demand.

“A person’s chin can be either elongated or brought down with a small amount of fillers. It’s a lunch-time procedure and is painless. However, those who want a more permanent long-lasting solution may go for surgery,” she says. Changes to the chin not only improves the face symmetry but can make disguise a big nose.


Chin implants (up 71%)
Lip augmentation (up 49%)
Cheek implants (up 47%)
Butt implants (up 43%)
Pectoral implants (up 43%)
Butt lift (38%)

Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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