Can your personality affect your weight loss? Yes it can!

Monday, 13 January 2014 - 6:07pm IST | Agency: ANI

Do you have an impulsive nature and find it hard to resist temptations when it comes to food? Or maybe you are one of those night owls who love their late night snacks.

According to ABC News, if you are planning on shedding off a few kilos you might want to keep your personality in mind, because it can affect the success of your diet.

First of all impulsive people should eliminate little temptations like stocking pantry with junk food, and avoiding the break room at work when you know there will be leftover treats.

Reliable people find it easier to stick with a fitness plan, but outgoing people tend to accumulate stress and then indulge in comfort food so they should try putting themselves in social situations that don’t involve food.

While morning people are less likely to be overweight than night owls, being self-centered may not be such a bad thing health-wise as such people tend to consider their own interests, which could lead them to have more willpower to make healthy choices.

Also, easygoing people who like to go with the flow tend to be leaner than those who are more neurotic.

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