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Thursday, 28 November 2013 - 12:00pm IST | Agency: DNA
Films, fashion, commercials, fitness and food — Bipasha Basu's life cannot be restricted only to the silver screen. And now, the svelte actress has forayed into yet another venture as she launches her online accessories store in December. Here, she shares interesting fashion nuggets with After Hrs.

Fashion has to be
Comfortable and affordable. Everyone cannot afford to splurge on luxury brands all the time. If world class fashion is made available to you at affordable prices, there’s no reason why you should shy away from it.

Style mantra
Durability. If you are investing in something, it has to last you a while. And by durability I don’t necessarily mean from a quality perspective, which goes without saying, but that it should stand the test of time.

Why online?

It’s convenient. E-commerce has taken off in India in a big way and when it comes to accessories, you can happily sit at home and order what you like. We have also taken the trouble to create ensembles online so that you can understand the final look, which I think is very important.

The Trunk Label is different
We are offering women a space where beautiful fashion accessories are available at pocket friendly prices without compromising on style.

I love to accessorise. You’ll see me in different things at different times. I like the idea of wearing one statement piece and not dressing up like a Christmas tree. I experiment as well and that’s how I figure out what works with me and what doesn’t. I love wearing things in red, black and white, and prefer solids to prints or any other kind of pattern. I am a very casual dresser most of the time but I like to be feminine.

Learn to style
You don’t have to go to a professional stylist to understand what you ought to wear. Experiment! Mistakes will happen and that is how you will learn how to look good. Remember this: If you don’t feel comfortable in something, you’ll not be able to carry it off and that is when you won’t look good. Understand your body type and choose wisely. As long as you remember these two rules, you’re good to go.

As told to Priyadarshini Nandy

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