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Green art
Green Palette is a revival of freshness of Romanticism. As its name suggests, it is about taking the world back into nature holding on the social reality as well. The six artists involved in this exhibition have creations depicting man's mystic relationship with nature. There is also a revolutionary energy flowing in Green Palette which deliberately transforms our perception of the world. Nature is a source of subject and image; it's a refuge from the artificial constructs of civilisation. Green Palette aims at retrieving clean and green environment worldwide. Every artists participating in this exhibition contributes in one form or the other in increasing Environmental awareness and spreading greener. It would be a great delight to feel and experience the revival of Romanticism in art after a long time on the group show 'Green Palette' and also be a part of spreading the message- Gear up to make Globe Green again.

When and Where: Till June 26 at Art Gate Gallery, Churchgate from 11 am to 7 pm

Divine grace
Mumbai-based contemporary artist Manoj Paturkar is showcasing his recent works in mix media on canvas titled Divine Grace based on the artist's spiritual quest. "The construction of these canvases is based on a spiritual plinth that strengthens both a physical and a metaphysical dimension of reality called 'grace'. The lotus is one of the most loved flower's in the east and is tremendously significant as a symbol. It has feminine qualities — soft, receptive and rooted. To understand the mysterious, one needs to surrender to the mothering energy — and only the feminine can surrender. Likewise, in the west, the depiction an angel is significantly symbolised as a guardian spirit of a guiding influence. Angelic wings symbolise the ability to elevate and move freely from the realm of earth to the unlimited spirit," says the artist.

When and Where: Till June 23 at Jehangir Art Gallery from 11 am to 7 pm

Between Worlds
Created in collaboration with the British curator, Jane Neal, Between Worlds brings together a selection of works by four leading international artists: Ali Banisadr, Marius Bercea, Angel Otero and Fiona Rae. All four artists explore the territory between abstraction and figuration, and each enjoys the physicality of painting and its process. If archaeology is about exposing the hidden, then painting is the ideal ground for its application. The medium involves the building up of strata: the textured layering of personal and collective memories; interplaying with fiction; intertwining real and virtual. The "hidden" is contained in the visible, the forgotten or imagined often resurrected through the process of painting. Sometimes artists like to play with invisibility using paint to create emotional as well as physical contexts, sometimes they seek to convey a haptic sensibility through powerfully physical abstraction, The issue of the unseen, or partially uncovered and what it might contain or mask, is particularly resonant for all these painters working today. Though each is distinctly different, they share in common the ability to convey the tension between what is visible on the surface and what might lie beneath.

When and Where: From June 27 to Sept 20 at Galerie isa from 11 am to 7 pm

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