Are you the roomie from hell?

Monday, 13 January 2014 - 11:21am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Take this quiz to find out if you need to mend your ways.

If your roommate has brought some fruits and you want to have some, what would you do?
Pick some and hope she doesn’t notice.
B. Ask her if you can have some and promise to replace it.
C. I won’t touch her food so that she doesn’t touch mine.

Your roommate was in a hurry in the morning and left her wet towel on the sofa, you would...
Leave it there and tell her off that very evening.
B. Pick it up and put it in the washer.
C. Let it lie there. Why should I do her dirty work?

If you find your roommate on the phone every night till late, what would you do?
Put a stop to it on the very first night.
B. Figure out if she really is in some trouble. If not, then I would gently, yet firmly tell her to keep her voice low.
C. I will pretend to talk to loudly over the phone, when she’s sleeping so that she gets a dose of her own medicine.

How often do you end up with a new roommate?
Once every two years.
B. Not very often.
C. I don’t care who stays with me as long as we do things my way.

The TV remote at your home is...
Controlled by me.
B. Shared by me and my roommate.
C. Is used by us, but I decide which programmes to watch.

Know your type
Mostly A:
The title of ‘Roomie from hell’ truly belongs to you. You want your roommate to be on his/her best behaviour, but you don’t find the need to do the same. Don’t be surprised if your roommate keeps avoiding you. You need to realise that your roomie too pays the rent and has as much a right over everything from the TV remote to her share of space.

Mostly B: You know how to be a good roommate. The person who shares your home will be happy to do so as you aren’t the sort who will be too aggressive. However, ensure that you don’t end up giving too much and expect very little from your flatmate. It’s important that your roommate also does as much household chores as you do.

Mostly C: You are a passive aggressive roomie. You will probably guilt trip your flatmate into doing household chores that you should be doing. If you want to maintain a distance then make sure that you don’t seek favours from your roommate.

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