A bunch of ‘mentahl’ people!

Saturday, 19 January 2013 - 2:37pm IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

That is probably the best way to describe the cast of Pritam Koelpillai’s latest production, God of Carnage that just released a one of a kind promotional video that’s going viral online.

We guess when you have the likes of Kanchan Bhattacharyya, Rajeev Ravindranathan, Sharanya Ramprakash and Deepika Arwind put together in one small confined space — bad... rather... ‘mentahl’ things happen and that’s exactly what seems to have come to pass at Raveolution Studios a few days ago.

“When Rajeev approached me with the idea of a video as a promotion for a play, I latched onto the idea. It was fabulous. I mean how often does one get to compose music for something like that. But we were both quite sure that this had to be mad, mental and really wacky!,” opens Ricky Kej and we get into conversation mode.

“God of Carnage marks the return of the ‘prince’ of Bangalore theatre — Pritam Koelpillai, who thankfully decided to return to theatre after quite the hiatus. The play deals with two couples, the parents of two children, one whose child has hurt the other in a scuffle at a park. They meet to try and sort out the issue, the only twist being that the meeting turns out to be ‘the issue’. The conversation descends into a strange place and eventually devolves into a hilarious chaos,” shares Rajeev Ravindranathan, cast-member and director of the video (though he hates taking credit for the feat).

God of Carnage (originally Le Dieu du Carnage) is a play by Yasmina Reza. The play was first directed by Jürgen Gosch and performed in Zurich, Switzerland in December, 2006. In January 2008, the play was performed in Paris starring Isabelle Huppert and Éric Elmosnino, and was later premièred in an English version in London on 25 March, 2008 (in a translation by Christopher Hampton). This production was directed by Matthew Warchus and starred Ralph Fiennes, Tamsin Greig, Janet McTeer and Ken Stott.

“They wanted something funny and hilarious and so I thought the best way to achieve that would be to get them into the studio, make them go impromptu and get them to rap. Once the one and half hour session of random rapping was over (to a beat of course) and much laughing later, we edited out the best parts into a song and that’s Carnage for you,” explains Ricky Kej. The play premières at Curtain Raisers (Jagriti, Ramagondanahalli) on February 1 and runs through February 2 and 3 at 8pm. The video is available for viewing on Facebook and Youtube and we really think you ought to watch it! Oh, we almost forgot... it was filmed to perfection by the inimitable Harris Backer and was programmed and arranged by Vanil Veigas.

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