6 authentic Kashmiri foods you must try

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The history of Kashmiri cuisine can be traced back several hundred years to the invasion of India by Tumur and the migration of merchants, craftsmen and cooks from Samarkand to the verdant Kashmir valley.

The descendants of these cooks, the wazas, are now regarded as the master chefs of Kashmiri cuisine, which is rich and redolent with the distinct flavours of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and saffron. A formal banquet in Kashmir is called the royal Wazwan which takes hours of preparation and consists of an elaborate multi-course meal.

Here's a list of dishes made by the wazas of Kashmir that you must try

Rogan josh

Lamb in Kashmiri maval petals and red onion gravy

This dish is a huge hit with people who like their food spicy hot. The combination of hot spices and the red colour derived from maval, the dried flower of the cockscomb plant make it a treat for the eyes and tastebuds. While rogan stands for fat that the meat is cooked in, josh means hot and passionate.

Tabak Maaz

Lamb ribs with turmeric, cinnamon and saffron

The front ribs of a fatty goat poached in moval essence, spices and fennel and then seared in ghee makes tabak maas, the Kashmiri lamb chops worth a try.


Lamb meatballs in a yoghurt gravy


The lamb meat is beaten with a walnut hammer to make it gooey after which fat and salt is rubbed in it. The meat balls are then poached to make the texture spongy after which they are cooked in a yogurt-based gravy called yakhni.


Small lamb dumplings in an onion, chilli and saffron gravy

This traditional recipe consists of lamb meatballs made with minced meat and poached in turmeric water to cook in a stock.


Kashmiri haakh

A traditional Kashmiri collard green preparation  

Made with Kashmiri collard green that is grown in lake water and known for its bitter sharp taste, haakh is collard green cooked with fennel.

Kong Phirni

Saffron flavoured rice pudding with pistachio and cashew nuts 

Khubani ka halwa 

Fresh apricot pudding with dry fruits

Photos were taken at Maya Restaurant, The Trident, BKC. Special thanks to Chef Jeewan Singh, head chef at Maya and Chef Rehman Mujeebur of Kitchenette-e-Awadh

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