5 best places to eat at during Eid in Mumbai

Monday, 28 July 2014 - 1:27pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Mumbai, which has always been famous for serving some of the best street food and gourmet food as well, turns more splendid during the holy month of Ramadan. This is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, and eating only after sunset. Mumbai serves delicious Iftaar food which includes quail tandoor, kebabs, Malpua, fruit based phirnis, faloodas and more. The month is now at an end, and this Tuesday could be the last day to savour such delicacies. We list out the best five places to eat in the city if you are not lucky enough to have been invited already to a house party. We must be missing out on your favourite joints though. So please suggest us better places in the comments section if you know of them.

And yes, one suggestion for Eid dinner: skip lunch!

1. Noor Mohammadi Hotel: This is a gem of a place next to Shalimar, in Bhendi Bazaar in South Mumbai that any taxi driver would take you to. Or just get down at Charni Road or Grant Road and it is worth the walk. Visit this place for Shammi Kebabs and Nalli Nihari, a meat dish made from beef or mutton cooked over a really long time. For the Bollywood freak, you can try out their most famous "Chicken Sanju baba". Alert: Not the cleanest eating joint in town.

2. Jaffer Bhai's Delhi Durbar: This place, in the Kamathipura area at Grant Road, has been around for 40 years, and is relatively new compared to the old giants. This is most famous for its biryanis, though the other special is Haleem, made of wheat, meat and lentils and cooked for almost eight hours. Other favourites are chicken patiyala, butter chicken and shahi tukda.

3. Surti Bara Handi: This place in Gujjar Street in Bohri Mohalla, is famous for a precious meal and a signboard that says, "Paya Khao Healthy Ho Jao". It serves an Iraninan dish that cooks all parts of a goat apart from the eyes. So you get 12 large handis (pots) each cooking one "Paya" which is the goat stew. You eat the stew with melted mutton, with rotis and naans. Delicious!

4. Suleiman Usmaan: This is the place for deserts. You can drool over creamy firnis (which comes in flavours of black current, kesar, strawberry etc), Burfi, Aflatoon, Shahi Sitafal Halwa. But the best has to be  Malpua that has eggs beaten into it. It is topped with Rabdi and dry fruits, nothing like what you have eaten before.

5. Taj Ice Cream: This ice cream shop can give serious competition to the London dairy's of the world with a legacy of more than 120 years. Its catch has to be the alphonso ice cream served all year round. But there are other flavours like strawberry, Sitaphal, custard apple, roasted almond. With very little artificial flavours, the ice creams are loaded with natural sweetness of the fruits. How they manage to do that is a closely guarded secret of the proprietors. And if you are confused among the variety of flavours, either go for mixed fruit or just ask the waiter!

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