10 steps to a flawless foundation

Sunday, 2 February 2014 - 11:59am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Do you steer clear of make-up, simply because of the ghostly-looking foundations you see masking the faces around? We’re hoping some professional perspective, courtesy Charmaine Rao Soares of Elizabeth Arden, will change your outlook.

1 Cleanse – Cleansing will open up pores and eliminate accumulated dust and oil, presenting a nice clean canvas. Any facewash you’re already working with is fine.

2 Tone — Toning will close the pores opened up by cleansing, providing a smoother canvas.  

3 Moisturise — If you steer clear of moisturisers because your skin is oily, do note that oily skin is not the same as well-hydrated skin. Look for a moisturiser that suits your skin, and use it.

4 Prime — Primers even out the skin texture, facilitate smoother application and better blending of make-up, and enable make-up to stay on longer.

5 Choose the right shade of foundation — If you think you’ll look fairer, with a lighter coloured foundation, think again. Any foundation that does not match your skin tone perfectly, will leave you rather grey-hued.

Try three different tones of foundation in shades that you think are closest to your skin colour. Test each colour in a straight line that runs from your cheek to your jaw. The foundation must blend perfectly into your skin to the point of being invisible. Testing at the jawline, lets you ensure that the foundation matches both your neck and face.

6 Choose the right medium and tools Cream, liquid, mousse, stick/powder (in that order) offer decreasing coverage. Sponges, powder puffs and brushes (in that order) offer sheerer coverage. If you’re working with cream, a wet sponge offers sheer coverage, while a dry sponge will result in heavier coverage. If you’re using a liquid foundation, you could easily work it in with your fingers.

7 Apply foundation well – Start from the centre of your face outwards, blending into the hairline to avoid the mask effect. Don’t forget the sides of your nose and other grooved areas like the smile lines around your mouth. Go into the ears if you are being photographed.

Wet a sponge, soak off excess water with a tissue. Dab into cream foundation and dab off excess foundation on the back of your hand before applying to your face.

8 Conceal gently — Dab (don’t pull) under the eyes. For greater coverage—dab concealer on darker areas and dab over with the leftover foundation.

9 Slow and steady — Work with light hands. Less is more. You can always build layers for greater coverage if required. If you overdo it, washing up and starting over is the only way. So go slow.

10 Set and ready to roll — A cream or liquid foundation will eventually move and needs to be set with powder. A loose powder gives sheer coverage, while a compaq offers heavier coverage.

—As told to Averil Nunes

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