Not afraid of 138

Saturday, 25 January 2014 - 1:44pm IST | Agency: DNA
Tonight, the God of Trance plans to take you on an intense journey. Ahead of his gig, Armin Van Buuren talks about his radio show, latest album and how trance is where his heart lies in.

And Armin is back in India — how does it feel?
It’s absolutely fabulous to be back in India. There’s something about this country; the vibe that keeps bringing me back. I’m super excited to be playing in Bangalore — I missed coming here during my last visit.

ASOT is how fans relate to Armin and it’s turned into a worldwide movement. Was it something you had planned?
It’s most important to say that A State of Trance (ASOT) is not just a show for fans, but one by fans as well. My show has grown in leaps and bounds and I owe it all to my fans. By touring my show, I bring ASOT to the fans. It came to my mind to stop at 500 episodes but seeing the show grow like it has is all because of the fans.

You said that you would be doing two world tours in a year, starting 2014. Does that mean you are going to be skipping other gigs and festivals?

Not really. I still want to be there for the important moments like Ultra, EDC and Tomorrowland. But I do have to choose more wisely. What’s most important for me is that I can reach as many fans as possible in one year.
You had once said, “I thought that was it, and house music was taking over,” and it looks like it is. Do you think Euro trance is dying slowly?

I think all genres of music go through some kind of progression. And I think it’s important when there are so many new sounds and genres cropping up.
Who’s Afraid of 138? This sounds more like a statement than just a name of a track. Are you hinting at something?
No! That’s just one of the things I said during my show that went viral on the internet. It was catchy and seemed to catch on.

In the times when most popular artistes with Euro trance style have forayed into house and electro house, do you think you are still justifying the genre?

Trance is where my heart has been at for so many years. But I also like to explore new production techniques. I think my fans should start worrying if there’s no progression or
Can you tell us more about Intense and how far is it true to Armin style of music?
Intense is my latest album. It’s a trance album but I’ve inculcated a lot of other styles as well. There is a theme behind Intense — if you look at the cover, I’m holding the light. It’s sort of a metaphor to say that I’ve found my own road. I didn’t try to force anything with Intense.
You have mentioned names like Bach and Beethoven in your earlier interviews. So, what is that you like listening to beyond EDM?

While my heart is in trance, I think it’s important to know what’s out there. There are different genres of music that appeal to people and it’s great to know what drives them.
Catch Armin Van Buuren perform as part of Sunburn Arena  at Neo Town, Electronic City, 6pm onwards, today. For tickets, log on to

Things that fans do...
My fans tend to send me interesting gifts every now and then. Recently we recieved five massive boxes stuffed with toys for my two children. It was very nice of them, but five boxes was like overdoing it. It made my wife feel very uncomfortable. I think one box would have been enough, you know?

Console or the courtroom?
That’s a question I get asked very often. It was actually during the time I was persuing my law degree, when my music and career began to bloom. I’m very grateful I went to school to study law, particularly tax law, which is very useful to me now with my position. However, I had to make a choice and music will always be my number one passion. I like how it connects everyone. And with trance music, it feels like a close knit group, a family, the music connects us all.

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