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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 - 6:15am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Viral Shah of Bracialeto explains how making your own jewellery was never as interesting as it is now with customers spoilt for choice

Viral Shah has taken bespoke jewellery to new heights by providing the modern-day woman a chance to express her personality through jewellery.

What is Bracialeto all about?
A couture costume jewellery brand, Bracialeto features an extensive range of imported jewellery charms and lively, multi-hued Murano lamp work beads. Bracialeto enhances the experience of possessing bespoke premium silver jewellery with its unique 'make your own jewellery' format. The brand distinctively blends refined craftsmanship and modern aesthetics for the fashion-forward woman of today.

Tell us more about the 'make your own jewellery' format.
The 'make your own unique jewellery' format allows you to customize and personalize pieces in premium sterling silver bracelets, earrings, rings, lariats, necklaces and anklets. You can choose from a range of interchangeable Murano handmade glass beads in a play of colours and patterns with intricate detailing.

Is bespoke jewellery the next big thing in the jewellery space?
Bespoke or personalized jewellery enables a customer to create an expression of their personality. It helps bring out the individuality and uniqueness of the person, which is not possible with readymade jewellery.

Is the Bohemian/Hippie buyer your primary customer?
Our primary buyer may not necessary be only a boho buyer; it is anyone who chooses to purchase elegant jewellery that can be customized as per their preference. With Bracialeto's array of vibrant Murano beads and unique charms, there is something for everyone.

Charms bring to mind the astrological connection. Does Bracialeto take this into account?
At Bracialeto, we aim to establish an emotional connection between the jewellery and the customer. For example, a husband gifting his wife a beautiful bracelet may add customised charms such as a ring, heart or a mother and child charm to symbolize the relationship.

How would you differentiate the jewellery at Bracialeto from that offered by its contemporaries?
We are the first jewellery brand in India to allow a customer to customise their jewellery as per their tastes and preferences. We have a (patent applied) locking system and provide our customers with over 1000+ interchangeable Murano beads in 92.5 sterling silver.

Where do you see Bracialeto headed in the next five years?
From the inception of our brand to its current status, we have learnt and experienced a number of things which have helped us grow. Currently, we have three kiosks and 15 outlets across India. The next step will be to spread to international markets as we have already begun shipping to countries such as US, Denmark and New Zealand, which has proved to be fruitful.

At Bracialeto, we help create jewellery that is unique to an individual. All our jewellery is offered in 92.5 silver and covered with anti-tarnish to protect the jewellery from harmful chemicals. We promise that you will find exactly what you are looking for from our vast collection.

—As told to Shraddha Shirodkar


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