Women laugh more than men

Saturday, 5 November 2005 - 7:05am IST

Having pioneered the laughter club movement in the country, he has become a guru of the giggling.

Q&A: Dr Madan Kataria

Having pioneered the laughter club movement in the country, Dr Kataria has become a guru of the giggling. By profession a medicine man, Dr Madan Kataria, a Mumbaikar, has brought health and happiness to many more lives through laughter yoga. He speaks about his passion, smiling all the way:

The turning point...

A new phase for me began in 1995 when I started the first laughter club and it has changed my life completely. My attitude to life has changed and my immune system has strengthened. My mind is focused and I am able to laugh much more, facing challenges cheerfully.

The better half...

My wife, Madhuri Kataria, is the co-founder of laughter clubs. She too believes in the power of laughter and has helped me to spread the movement. Her presence has inspired couples to come and laugh together and build a positive relationship. An interesting fact is that there are more women members of laughter clubs than men.

The laughing world... 

Laughter yoga is fast spreading all over the world and we have more than 5,000 laughter clubs in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and the Far East. Based on the experience and benefits of laughter yoga, we train others to carry the movement forward.

Elders and humour... 

Most of the members of laughter clubs are above 50. Humour brings about tremendous change in the lifestyle of older people and helps them socialise. Even in the West, laughter yoga has been introduced in old-age homes. It has helped elders to
overcome depression and to appreciate life much more.

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