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Sunday, 1 December 2013 - 10:32am IST | Agency: DNA
Tarot card reader and numerologists, answers your questions.

My name is Saurabh Chauhan and I want to know about my future, health, lucky day, number and colour. Which  career would be most suitable for me? Should I work in the financial field or should I appear for the UPSC, IAS or  IRS examinations.
Hi Saurabh, your birth number is 6 ruled by Venus and your destiny number is 9 ruled by Mars. Both your energies are positive and in sync with each other. Because of the energy of Mars, the more focussed and aggressive you become where work is concerned, the better results your will see. This is a good year for you to build your contacts and relations. Do study and give your UPSC examination. Also, you must always maintain a strong PR front. Use your full name, it has a strong energy, rather that only your first name. 6, 9,15, and 24 are good numbers for you. Tuesdays and Fridays are your lucky days. Red, white and navy blue are good colours. You have a strong intuition, so follow it.

My name is Rahul Ahire. Please tell me about my future.
Hi Rahul, your birth number is 3 ruled by Jupiter the planet of growth and abundance and your destiny number is 6, ruled by Venus. Both your energies are in sync and are positive energies. You must pursue your studies. Any field related to media, PR, communications will be good for you. Next year is a big year for you. Don’t let relations and friends make you lose focus. Have a goal and go after it. Spell your name as RRahul Ahire. Yellow, navy blue and white are good colours for you. Thursdays and Fridays are good days.

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