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Sunday, 2 February 2014 - 12:26pm IST | Agency: DNA
Tarot card reader and numerologist, answers your questions.

My name is Ritu Shivalkar.  I am a widow and I live with my father and daughter. I would like to know what does the future hold for me.
Hi Ritu, your birth number  is 8 ruled by Saturn (shani) and your destiny number  is 4 ruled by rahu. Both these planets are karmic planets, and create few delays, obstacles and struggles. It is very important for you to always keep your planets calm and happy, in order to do this you must visit a shani temple every Saturday and also do a puja for rahu. It is very important for you to channelise your energies, and work. In June 2014, you will enter into another phase of shani, where if you stay focused and positive, it will prove to be a good year for you. Always have a very firm mind and make decisions based on your intuitions. Always use your full name. It has a strong vibration. You can wear a three-carat yellow sapphire on your right hand index finger. Saturdays and Sundays are good days for you. Navy blue and red are good colours.

My name is Nirav Nirmal Shah. I stay in Bhayandar. I want to know about my future and about my marriage. When will it happen?
Hi Nirav, your birth and destiny number both are ruled by rahu. This is an energy which causes few delays and obstacles in your path, in order to keep this under control it is very important for you to always believe in yourself. Keep a very firm mindset and stay positive. The next two years are good for you work-wise. Be aggressive about your work. Marriage is on the cards in your 29th year. Your full name has a good vibration. Wear a four-carat emerald on your right hand little finger. Do a puja to calm down your rahu energies. Yellow and brown are good colours for you.

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