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Sunday, 26 January 2014 - 11:58am IST | Agency: DNA

I am suffering from vitiligo skin issues. Please suggest a solution for that and for growth in my career.
Hi Ashish, your birth number is 4 ruled by the energy of rahu, a planet of few delays and struggles. Your destiny number is 8 ruled by Saturn (shani). The combination of both your energies put together is very extreme and if at a negative end tends to affect the person a lot, this is the reason for the health problems. It is very important in your case to calm down the energy of both the planets. Firstly, visit a shani temple every Saturday. Worship the energy of shani and learn to benefit from its positive side. Do a small puja to calm down the energy of rahu. Go in for alternate healing like reiki to remove the negative energy that is causing the skin issue. It will settle down with this. In your case, always keep a firm mindset, and believe in yourself. Make decisions based on your intution. This year is ruled by jupiter for you. Concentrate on your work with a lot of focus and positivity, and you will see a career growth. Spell your name as Ashiish/Aashish Gundrre. Wear  a three-carat yellow sapphire on your right hand index finfer. Navy blue is a good colour for you. Saturday is a good day.

My name is Minal D Udiawar.  I am a student. I have just completed my final year of  BMS.  I want to know about my career and future.

Hi Minal, your birth  number is six ruled by Venus. A light and positive energy to be ruled by and your destiny number is 9 ruled by Mars, the planet of heat and fire. It is important for you to stay very focused and aggressive about your studies and work in order to succeed. This is a good year for you where you will see growth in your field. Pursuing future studies is a good option. Or  take up a job and gain practical knowledge. Venus- Jupiter and Mars are in sync so be aware of good oppournities around you. The year 2016 is a very strong year for your career. Pursue what you do with a passion and build on your PR and contacts and you do have a strong future ahead of you.
The year 2017 is a good relationship year. To enhance energies, firstly, do not put full stops in your name. Spell your name as Minal Udiwar. Wear a three-carat yellow sapphire in your right hand index finger. Pink, navy blue, white an red are good colours for you. Tuesdays and Fridays are good days.

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