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Sunday, 19 January 2014 - 1:09pm IST | Agency: DNA
Tarot card reader and numerologists, answers your questions.

My name is Seetharam Shetty. I want to know whether I am going to do any kind of business or what kind of work will be suitable for me.
Hi Seetharam, your birth number is 2 ruled by the energy of the Moon, a planet which tends to make you a bit confused and lazy. Your destiny number is 5 ruled by Mercury, a number for opportunities and luck. Currently, you are in a good phase ruled by Venus. Any work related to the media, PR, entertainment or working under someone heading a HR department will be good for you particularly for this year. With destiny number 5, you can also work with someone in the financial field. To enhance energies spell your name as Sseetharam or Ssitharam Shetty. Wear a five-carat emerald on your right hand little finger. Green is a good colour for you. Mondays and Wednesdays are good days.

My name is Sumedh Kulkarni. I would like to know about my professional, financial success. I have been employed for the last 16 years, and recently I have started my own business.
Hi Sumedh, your birth number is 9 ruled by the energy of Mars, a planet of heat and fire. This energy always requires you to be aggressive in your work, and maintain a go getters attitude. Your destiny number is 4 ruled by the energy of rahu. This tends to bring a few obstacles and delays. In order to keep the energy of rahu under control, you must have a very focused mind and always be the master of your decisions and stay firm to what you believe in. This is a very good year for you ruled by venus, your will see financial and professional growth this year, but it is very important for you to increase your contacts and form a very strong PR. Your name vibration is strong. Wear a four-carat ruby  on your right hand ring finger. Pray to the sun every morning. Tuesday is a good day. Red and yellow are lucky colours.

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