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Friday, 24 January 2014 - 11:03am IST | Agency: DNA
Cosmetic Physician and anti ageing expert, answers your problems.
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Hi, thanks for the information you share. It helps me to increase my awareness. I am a 47 -year-old woman, with  hypothyroidism but am  on medication. I have a small skin patch problem. For the past few years, the small hyper pigmented patch is growing bigger. The location is on my calf region making me  feel very conscious. I want to know how to get it normal again. Also, there is discolouration   on my toe nail.
—Leena Nayak

Thank you for your kind words. Your pigmentation on your nail and leg could be anything from a fungal infection to a nevus or just as a reaction to some injury. So it would be difficult to tell you what to do with limited access. Please meet your nearest doctor specially because it is growing. As for the nail, keep it free of nail polish for a while. Soak your feet and then buff your nails and apply lemon juice on your nails regularly.

I wanted to know how much water should one drink on a daily basis? I try to drink one-and-a -half to two litres a day, but many say you should drink four. Please advise. —Preeti

This number of litres of water is so overrated. Your liquid consumption should be according to your lifestyle and water loss. Just as a thumb rule two litres per day is good, which can be water/coconut water/buttermilk/ milk/juices and foods rich in water content like fruits — all these put together. But the days you perspire a lot or have had alcohol, you can drink more to compensate.

My under eye area seems to have developed fine lines. I don’t use much eye make-up and use eye creams twice daily. Is there any non-invasive solution? —Jyotsna

Under eye lines are because of the skin being pulled by the muscle underneath that closes and opens your eye or the depression caused by the loss of fat or attachment of the skin to the structures beneath. Therefore, the best solution is injectables like botox and juviderm. You could try a good moisturiser which hydrates the thin skin, plumping it up so the lines look less obvious. You could try honey or milk cream from your kitchen. Make sure you use just the ball of your finger and apply less pressure on the area.

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