Do relationships becomes simpler or tougher in an urban living?

Saturday, 1 February 2014 - 11:03am IST | Agency: DNA
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From the mushy tales and rosy pictures painted in glossy mags and flicks, relationships have evolved and things are not as simply portrayed. In fact, the popularity of the status ‘It’s Complicated’ probably best describes the situation that today’s generation finds itself in. Celebrations are not always about happy times something we figured last year, with the popularity of break up rings and rather than hoard relationship memories and mementos, people are willing to cut their losses and move on, and make a profit from while at it. Thanks to a website that brings buyers and sellers face to face on a digital platform. Sentimentality has made way for practicality and emotions have been abbreviated to emoticons expressed with text and pics. So where does that leave us in 2014? Cell phones play cupid uniting you with a potential date with just a click of a button or a tweet in digital space on a forum of like-minded people. You could find a foodie or a travel enthusiast in a matter of seconds in your vicinity. All thanks to an app that does not cost you a cent. Opportunities galore with a wider global space will impact relationship dynamics with each passing day. But in all these constant changes one thing that will probably remain constant is our quest for finding love no matter in what age, space or time.

Writer, Team After Hours

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