Culinary trends of 2013, and the road ahead

Saturday, 28 December 2013 - 10:35am IST | Agency: DNA

It’s been a superb time for people who love food, not just eating and cooking but foodies, enthusiasts, as so much has happened and is yet to come into our lives and in our country.
We have evolved in our dining and wining styles as well as entertaining. It’s not just about whisky and butter chicken, but also about wine, beers, Japanese food, Mexican food and lots more has become our mantra. We want everything. What I love to see and for sure it’s happening, is more craft beer brewed in house. Pubs and restobars cranking out their beer in various styles — ale, IPA, wheat beers and beer. A whole new style of not just “chakhna” and fried stuff, but a sexy interesting mix of great bar food.

Peru has always been close to my heart since I first visited it 10 years ago. The cuisine is magical and is an interesting mix of Japanese techniques and local produce. Gaining popularity all over the world, the tiradito and ceviche which is a Peruvian version of sashimi.

Interactive cooking restaurants and the open kitchen theatre style is my kind of place. Lots of good places are boasting about the chef and their kitchen which they are like to “show off”.

Culinary tourism needs a boost. Every corner of our country has stories, legacies about their cuisine. A nice well organised trip to the source would be great fun. Food walks, trails and even foraging looking for great produce would be another adventure all over again.

Organic products are slowly creeping in, but more education and information needs to be created and shared about  its benefits.

Hand cut, home crafted, made in the house, artisanal, free range is commonly seen terms on menus laying emphasis on how it is important  to create something in a very special way.

Chefs collaboration is one goal which I am working to. Great chefs, like and light minded come together and create a whole new product, for the love of food, beverages, arts, education, music, cinema… Exactly what we all want…

Lots more gourmet food shops and food halls only help us to create magic at home for the family and also gives us chefs a chance to create more, feed more, provide and share. Cool healthy cuisine instead of boring food for kids and youngsters is on the cards. Lots more will unfurl for us in the new year…

Bon appétit and wishing you a super 2014. Have fun and EAT SMART.

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