2013 will go down as a year of contrasts and contradiction: Sandeep Khosla

Thursday, 26 December 2013 - 9:23am IST | Agency: DNA

It’s been quite the year.  And as is common when it comes to Adieus, one is wont to reminisce. To snatch moods and moments, preserve them as memories, and somehow capture that Time for good.

 2013 will go down in my memory as a year of contrasts and contradiction, of many changes and much remaining the same.

 It marked the rise of the Lungi. This humble piece of cloth shed its humble beginnings and gained centre-stage this year, trumping the hot pants, ball gowns, saris et al. Accessorised with jutting hips, shoulder shrugs and set to music, the lungi is without doubt the garment of the year.

 2013 was the year David slew Goliath and then brought him back to life with a wave of his magic broom. Yes I know I’m mixing ancient tales with Disney to make a serious political statement, but the AAM story merits this sort of meddling. No sooner had we found new hope in the power of the people we were reminded that people can do anything for Power.

 It was the year that did for Louboutin what the past decade has done for the Birkin. Everyone from Bollywood actresses and Ladies who Lunch to the Saas and Bahus were seen sporting them, gliding, sashaying and alas, more often than not tottering, on these six-inch symbols of “We who have Arrived.” To where, in most cases, I am unsure…

 2013 belonged to Deepika Padukone who earned herself The Tinsel Town Top Spot. It was the year of saying Bold Goodbyes to Really Over Relationships, of moving on fearlessly towards a new tomorrow.

 It was the year of Outrage — the right(s) kind. We finally decided to protest the Intolerable.
Nirbhaya lost her life but gave birth to a heartening resolve within us to seek an India where women are safe and free. The unleashing of public anger was the first step towards making that change.

 Amid all the dark chaos of crime, corruption and disasters both natural and man-made, emerged a new light, a change of spirit. It’s early days yet, and it will take time, but the stirring of change is palpable. It’s evident in the marvellous ad campaign of Tanishq, which sees a woman, a mother, re-marry. It’s patently clear in the support big brands gave to the LGBT community after Section 377 was re-instated by the Supreme Court in India. India is ready for a change in mindset. We are ready to stand up and fight for the Rights of All. It’s a very special time. An opportunity to make good the bad and banish the unfair. It’s a chance we seem to want to take. Finally…

 For Abu and I, it’s been another year of madness, merriment and mayhem. Marked by many an adventure. It was the year of Vintage Gold. Of Dame Judi Dench in Abu Sandeep and as Philomena, of old friendships that held firm and brought us ever more joy and comfort. I hit my half-century and Abu threw me a celebration that made age just a number. Our Golden peacock collection had us back at the top of our game and brought so many beloved loyalists back into the fold. Alas, it was also a year of fighting over fees and dues owed to us. The tackiness of which lent a tarnish to what has otherwise been a super shiny period for us.

 As we rest our selves and celebrate the last 12 months of blood, sweat, tears and many laughs, we usher in another year that will see us dream again to make a new reality come true. Ultimately this is what the last week of any year ought to be. A time to Dream bigger…

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