[Video] #Baduan gang-rape raises questions over Uttar Pradesh's administerial system

Sunday, 1 June 2014 - 11:14am IST | Agency: Zee News Bureau

Even though India has become more aware and concerned about the women amidst them, Baduan gang-rape did happen.

Two Dalit girls were kidnapped, raped, killed and then hung from a tree in their villageThey hung there for ten hours before anyone noticed them. The family members are devastated and crumpled. The Uttar Pradesh govenment has offered compensation to the families. But out of frustration and anger, both the families have not accepted the money but have instead asked for justice.

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Even the police in the beginning, instead of helping them asked for the family's caste and surname. That shows where Uttar Pradesh's system utterly lacks.

To add insuly to injury, ASP chief AK Gupta said, "It is very unfortunate but no big thing. In a state like Uttar Pradesh, ten rapes happen everyday." But after the victim's father repeatedly requested, Cheif Minister Akhilesh yadav has agreed for CBI inquiry.   

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