The reality about the food served by the Indian Railways

Friday, 4 July 2014 - 7:54pm IST | Agency: Zee News Bureau

In a reality check conducted by Zee's primetime news show dna, the team at Zee reveals the ugly side/flavour of the food served by the Indian Railways. 

The conditions of the pantries inside our trains is just as worse as the toilets. Unclean, stinky and unhygienic. When reporters entered the pantries, they realised that the food served to the passengers comes from a horribly messed-up kitchen with food scattered around and foul smell from stale food enveloping the air  within. 

The water used to cook food looks contaminated and the cooks who prepare the meals do not use gloves or other safety measures either.

The ugly truth about the conditions in which the food we consume while commuting via the railways can make one squeamish.