Manmohan Singh inspired BJP's campaign tagline 'Ache din aane waale hain', says Narendra Modi

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 - 10:48am IST | Agency: Zee News Bureau

Narendra Modi, in an exclusive interview, revealed the idea behind his campaign tagline 'Ache din aane waale hain'.

Surprisingly, it was Manmohan Singh, who inspired the infamous tagline.

On the January 8, this year when the prime minister addressed a gathering at Delhi after inaugrating the event of 'Non-resident indians day', he told the public, "Yes we are facing bad days now but the good days will be coming in soon (Ache din aane waale hai)." And on the next day Modi was expected to address the same crowd wherein he told the crowd that, "I need not say anything as the prime minister had said enough in his speech yesterday but I would like to repeat one of his statements ache din aane waale hain."

The video is a complete analysis of how Modi came up with the tagline and what he intends conveying to the public using this tagline. And he talks about how he would ensure good governance and development which are the major priorities of his government.