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Yasin Bhatkal planned to bomb key Bangalore landmarks

Friday, 11 April 2014 - 9:55am IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

IM co-founder Yasin Bhatkal had plans to plant bombs in Bangalore's busy Mahatama Gandhi Road and Majestic bus stand and also in Chinnaswamy Stadium during IPL match 2010. However, confusion among the team members made him to plant bomb only at the stadium and this prevented a disaster.

Yasin along with his team member Quateel of Darbanga, Bihar and Farooq Siddiqui did reccee in Bangalore to plant bombs during the IPL matches. They took shelter in a rented house in Tumkur and visited Bangalore for several times and finally decided to plant IEDs at Majestic Bus stand, MG Road and Cricket stadium during the matches.

\Yasin's idea was to create panic and cause human loss by exploding the bombs during the IPL matches as the MG Road will be more busy during any cricket match as the particular road is just behind stadium. Also, majestic bus-stand will be ever-busy and even one bomb blasts could create havoc in the area. So, Yasin selected those places, the sources said.

However, the confusion among the team members made him to plan the bombs just at cricket stadium, but not in Majestic and MG Road, the investigator told dna.

"I had plans to place IEDs at Majestic, MG Road and Cricket Stadium during IPL matches. 2-3 days prior to blast, I prepared 7 IEDs in our room. Quateel, Farooq and Jamali (all arrested) helped me in doing so.

On the previous night, I informed my rented house owner that some of my relatives are sick and I had to rush to attend him and settled the payment issues and all of us carried IEDs in our shoulder bags and left the house one by one to Tumkur bus station, where we were supposed to assemble," Yasin revealed during the investigation.

"But we had some confusion since Farooq missed out at Tumkur, who traced at Bangalore railway station. This confusion consumed our time resulted in limited time to place IEDs. From railway station, Quateel and I took all the IEDs and in an auto left to Shivajinagar and from where by walk we came to cricket stadium and placed IEDs at haste at some parts of the stadium. And all of us assembed again in railway station and left to Tumkur from where, we parted our ways to Delhi," Yasin stated before the NIA.

Samay clock experimented in Lucknow
It is known fact that Samay clocks are used as timers in the IEDs of IM and investigators call Samay clock as signature-line of IM. However, Yasin, during the investigation revealed that he was using Samay clock as the timer as it had good result in blasting the bombs.

Yasin left for Mumbai in the first week of April, 2010 from Tumkur and bought 20 pieces of SAMAY clocks and battery '9v blue and white colour' from the shop "Roshanlal Gadi wala' , Abdul Rehman Street, Mumbai. Then returned to Tumkur.

"I was using Samay clock in particular for the reason that, I knew Areef Badri of Azamghad, UP had discovered to use the said clock as time for IEDs that got good effect when he blasted bomb at Lucknow court in November 2007," Yasin revealed.

"After our return, we bought plastic rope, tape and yellow colour tarpaulin from Russel Market. 2-3 kg of ball bearings, 1 kg old newspaper used to wrap the IEDs were bought from shops near City," he added while giving statement to the police.

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