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Will the real Rahul Gandhi stand up please?

Thursday, 30 January 2014 - 8:15am IST | Agency: DNA

Who’d have expected the vice president of the Indian National Congress to be asked about his educational qualifications on a nationally televised chat? But at least one thing is as clear as day now — Rahul Gandhi actually never went to Harvard. “I was at Trinity in Cambridge, I spent a year there, I did my M.Phil there...You want me to show you my degree, I can show you my degree,” the Gandhi scion bravely offered. Some are asking why Arnab Goswami did not take him up on it. If the Gandhi scion expected it to be the end of the prickly questions about his degrees which have been repeatedly raised by bete noire Subramanian Swamy, it’s actually brought into focus another allegation that has been thrown at him for years. According to the certificate allegedly issued by Diana Kazemi, the secretary of the department of Development Studies at Cambridge University, the man who completed the year-long M Phil program in 1995 (Or was it 2005?) goes by the name of Raul Vinci — not Rahul Gandhi. The handy explanation put forth, obviously by Congress spin doctors, is that it was a pseudonym given by British authorities “which is a common practice as there are a good number of VVIP wards from around the world enrolled at British educational institutions”. Which brings us to a question nobody seems to be asking — why would a real degree be issued by such a prestigious University in a fictitious name instead of the real person? Doesn’t that reduce the so-called degree’s worth to less  than the paper it is printed on? Unless of course, ‘Rahul Gandhi’ is the pseudonym rather than the other way around. It seems Rahul (or should we say Raul now?) knew all along that Swamy had him on the back foot on this one. “He has probably seen my degree...he’s been attacking my family for 40 years. Why should I challenge him?” Indeed.

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