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Transfer of Governor Kamla Beniwal is vindictive, alleges Shankarsinh Vaghela

Tuesday, 8 July 2014 - 8:16am IST | Agency: PTI

Leader of the Opposition in Gujarat assembly and senior Congress leader Shankarsinh Vaghela today termed the transfer of Governor Kamla Beniwal as a "vindictive" step.

According to Vaghela, the transfer was an "insult" to the Governor's post. "She was tranferred in a very insulting manner. This is a punishment transfer becasue the state of Mizoram is smaller than many of our districts. This shows the mentality of BJP," Vaghela told reporters. "If she was already set to retire in November, then why was she is removed now? This is a case of vindictive transfer because she stalled several bills of Gujarat government. To take revenge on Lokayukta appointment issue, BJP has transferred her," Vaghela said. He said even a peon gets better treatment than the way the Governor was treated.

"This is worse than how we treat a peon. Even if the government wishes to transfer a peon to a far-flung area, it can't. Such are the provisions," Vaghela said.

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On the day BJP released its manifesto back in April 2014, Narendra Modi said something that made everyone sit up and take notice. “I promise I will never do anything for myself, I will never be vindictive,” the would-be prime minister announced. This comment came after Amit Shah's controversial 'badla' comment in Muzaffarnagar. One of the biggest fears perpetuated about Modi as Prime Minister in the media as well as in liberal intellectual circles was his alleged 'mean streak'. Modi is a great administrator but he doesn’t forget or forgive, was the theme of discussion in many liberal coteries. Congress tried its best to use the 2002 Gujarat riots to attack the current Prime Minister. The biggest fear was, and some would suggest still is, the aggressive saffronisation of India. But what made opponents of Modi more sceptical was the aura around this man who allegedly uses every trick in the book to get back at his ‘enemies’. Read more

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