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There is no Modi wave, it's BJP's wave this time, says Narendra Modi

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 - 12:26pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

  • Narendra-Modi "Congress is not my fear" says Narendra Modi

As India steps into the fifth phase of elections on Thursday, the election fever is on the rise. As the contenders battle it out this Lok Sabha elections, the country witnesses the biggest, most prudent battle ever.

Congress recently picked the BJP bone, when they ran a article on their website. This article praised the former NDA chief Atal Bihari Vajpayee and compared him to the party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. BJP in response to this chose to give them a cold shoulder.

Narendra Modi, probably one of the most prominent person in the Indian social circuit today, spoke to a leading regional news channel in an exclusive interview.

The NDA government collapsed in the year 2004 and once again the Congress led UPA established its control over the land. In the years that followed Congress failed to live up to many expectations. Taking cue from that, Modi said "Congress doesn't have any credibility of its own. For the last 10 years, they ran their government. However setting an agenda for the forthcoming elections has become an issue for them. This time the agenda has truly been set by the 'Janata Janardhan'," Modi said.

Campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls has now taken a new form. With social media, print and television becoming big players in the game, methods of reaching out to the masses, with good or bad information, has become a favorite of the contending parties. "Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar" is a slogan that has been doing the rounds since a while now and when probed on this, Modi says " Its the BJP wave and not the Modi wave. I cannot even compare myself to the greatness of the party. I am just a small part of it"

In the year 2002, Gujarat faced the worst form of communal violence. Modi, then the chief minister of the Gujarat faced a lot of criticism for the events. " The ruling government and its people accused me for 12 years," Modi said. Congress demanded an apology from him, however Modi refused to acknowledge their statements. When asked about construction of a temple at the historically critical land of Ayodhya, Modi said he would only do what was right and abide by the BJP manifesto. He also said that his party would not discriminate on grounds of religion and community.

Ever since the BJP released its manifesto, it has been under public scrutiny. Congress accused the BJP of plagiarism, stating that the BJP had copied their manifesto. Narendra Modi in response to this said "Congress can continue to dance in their imaginations. All our politicians worked on the manifesto together. Murali Manohar Joshi worked a lot on the manifesto. It is precise and more detailed as compared to the Congress manifesto."

He also said that politics was a platform to encourage new talent and his party always supported new members. In such a secular country, it is necessary to include people of all sections. We work together and deliver together, he said. He also defended Congress' criticism of the development in Gujarat." Gujarat, alone, in the last ten years has shown 50% growth in employment rate and 80% development in case of small scale industries." He also said that the nation won't be ruled with the same Gujarat model. " Every part of the country is different. It is so diverse that it is almost impossible to govern using any one single model. In the last ten years we have seen what has happened and thus change is needed," Modi said.

BJP has support from 25 parties in its pre-poll alliance, thus forming a indomitable NDA. He believes that even after the elections, NDA will continue to receive massive support. "Congress isn't my fear. They don't have anything specific to say against me, so it doesn't matter," he said. He also maintained that the party was a collective and unified force. Decisions and actions were unanimously decided and executed.

For India to become a superpower we need to focus on two things, Good governance and development. "Bad governance is like the virus in your computer. It tends to spoil all the good things too," said Modi. His government will aim to diminish poverty levels, provide good and dignified lives to each of its citizens.

The dynamic leader seems confident of the party's success and says that NDA will earn over 300 seats and be the largest majority ever.




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