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Theatre artist Master Hirannaiah slams Karnataka CM, Sonia Gandhi, attacked by Congress workers

Monday, 12 May 2014 - 6:22am IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

The Octogenarian Theatre artist today nearly came under physical attack by Congress workers following an 'inflammatory' speech he made at a function targeting AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Chief Minister S Siddaramaiah, but he was quick to apologize to the Chief Minister S Siddaramaiah who was luckily in the city and escaped the 'action' by the Congress workers.

Master Hiranniah known for his caustic comments on politicians today went too far in targeting Siddaramaiah and Sonia Gandhi, the occasion was an honouring ceremony for few theatre artistes of Mysore where Master Hirannaniah was asked to give a speech at Nadabramha Auditorium in the city. He freely hurled un-parliamentary words at both Congress leaders which was considered 'lowly' choice of abuses by any standards which irked one of the Congress workers who was present at the programme. Within no time the auditorium was filled with the Congress workers led by Lokesh a local Congress leader. They first wanted to get their hands on Master Hirannaiah, but he was quickly taken away by the organizers to an undisclosed place.

But the irate Congress workers destroyed the furniture and sound systems of the auditorium and allegedly intimidated the organizers to hand over Hiranniah. But by then Hiranniah realizing his folly arrived at Siddaramiah's house in Ramakrishnanagar and tendered unconditional apologies for his outbursts. Siddaramaiah was surprised over the developments as he had not been told about the incident. But he welcomed Master Hiranniah and got the details from him directly, after a careful hearing he told him that he was an admirer of his speeches and said he had not taken the incident seriously.

But outside the house of Siddaramaiah over 100 Congress workers had gathered and were shouting slogans targeting Hiranniah. Siddaramiah called the workers inside and asked them not to trouble Hirannaiah, but Congress leader Lokesh did take Hiranniah to task unmindful of the presence of Siddramiah. The Chief Minister later went up to his Hirannaiah's car arranged for police security to him and sent one of his trusted Congress workers with him to see him off.

Hirannaiah expressing shock over the turn of events told "I am getting older and sometimes I do not know what I am speaking, for this sin I committed today I shall not appear on any public platform nor make speeches henceforth, Siddaramiah was graceful in accepting my apologies".

In a shocking reaction Hiranniah also announced that he will stop all theatre activities. "I had begun my career in theatre at Mysore when I was just 8 years old. I remember I was to act in a play at Banumaiah's High School that day. Now I am 81 years old and what started in Mysore 73 years ago will end in Mysore".

Chennabasappa of Mysore Theatre group a diehard fan of Master Hiranniah, told dna that "Hiranniah should not have announced his retirement from the theatre, there is so much theatre still left in him, yes this incident was all wrong, but this step was too harsh, I guess Hiranniah did not want to spare himself for the words that went out to hurt others".

According to Hiranniah's close circles he has had made over 800 speeches in public. His plays -Nadubeedi Naryana, Lanchavathara and Kapi Mushti plays were even today enacted and re-enacted by theater artistes all over Karnataka and Karnataka sanghas in many other states.

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