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Sunandha Pushkar: An act of depression or something else?

Saturday, 18 January 2014 - 7:51pm IST Updated: Saturday, 18 January 2014 - 8:53pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna Shadow Editorial Board

Following days of a bitter Twitter battle with a Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar, Union Minister for Human Rights Development Shashi Tharoor's wife of 4 years, Sunanda Pushkar, was found dead on Friday night in her hotel room in New Delhi. A fact unknown to many, Pushkar lived in Canada and Dubai before moving to India.

She sparked controversy in 2010, while dating Tharoor, when her company, Rendezvous Sports World, bid for the Kochi team in the Indian Premier League. There were rumours of her being a stand­in for Tharoor's stake in the team; causing Tharoor to resign and Pushkar to give up her stake in the corporation. However, even as the controversy went unresolved, Pushkar and Tharoor married in August, 2010; it was their third marriage each .

She remained in the media's spotlight even following that, with incidents of her slapping a man in Kerala and campaigning for Tharoor. In 2012, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, who is now the Prime Ministerial candidate for BJP, made a cutting remark by calling her Tharoor's "50 Crore rupee girlfriend". There were also reports of trouble in paradise when the Tharoors began appearing individually to events, but these rumours died down.

Sunanda Pushkar was involved in a scandal once again last week, when, after claims of Tharoor's account being hacked into, she was invloved in a battle of tweets with Tarar. In her tweets, Pushkar accused Tarar of stalking her husband and creating trouble between them. She also alleged that Tarar was an ISI agent, and that she intended to complained to RAW. She also announced that she would be considering divorce in wake of the affair.

Following this latest controversy, the Tharoors issued a joint statement in which they dismissed the whole thing as some 'unauthorized tweets'. Then, as the final scene in the play, Pushkar was found dead in her hotel room. There has been speculation about Pushkar committing suicide and of it being an overdose. Although there had been reports of her being unwell, but doctors confirmed it was not life­ threatening. Senior doctors at AIIMS termed her death as 'unnatural and sudden'. Now whether it was an act of depression or something else is debatable, but it was an unexpected end of the entire controversy.

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