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Students question cops on safety of women in Indore

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 - 2:33pm IST | Place: Indore | Agency: DNA

Why crimes against women are increasing and why people are afraid of helping police? These were some of the serious questions that were put in front of Inspector General (IG) Vipin Maheshwari by the students of Pragya Girls School at a traffic awareness seminar on Tuesday.

IG Maheshwari along with other police officers interacted with the students at the seminar on the topic ‘traffic awareness and women security’. IG Maheshwari addressed the students on the importance of following traffic rules and some important measures that can be followed by them to ensure safety in public. “In case a girl feels threatened, she can seek the help of police by dialing the women helpline number 1090,” He said.

He also urged the students to strictly follow traffic rules and motivate their friends and parents to do the same. “Students can become friends of Police by following traffic rules. Students can also help in proper implementation of the rules by asking their parents to follow them,” he added.

Additional Superintendent of Police, traffic, Anjana Tiwari, Superintendent of police OP Tripathi and Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic Education wing, Vikram Raghuwanshi were present in the occasion.

Three participating students including Rashi Goyal, Sonalee Shriya Dubay and Prachi Dabral were felicitated for their active participation during the occasion.

Some of the questions of the students that were answered by IG Vipin Maheshwari are:
Q: Why people are afraid of helping the police?
IG: We are trying to remove this fear from their minds by becoming more interactive with them. The biggest source of information for the police is society.

Q: Is there any political pressure on police?

IG: Yes there is political pressure on the police, but one should not take it a wrong sense. There are many complaints of general public that we receive through the politicians only. It also completely depends on how one handles this pressure.

Q: Can good education help in reducing crime in the society?
IG:  Definitely, education is an important weapon which can reduce crime. The moral values and ethics that children learn in the school also play a very vital role.

Q: Who is responsible for the bad traffic system in Indore. Police or public?
IG: It is the public who creates the traffic system of any city. One cannot blame the administration alone for the bad traffic system. It all depends on the public on how they are following the traffic rule in order to make the traffic system smooth and efficient.

Q: Why juvenile and adult criminals are differentiated?

IG: Juveniles are under the age of 18 and they are unable to take their own decision. That is the reason why there are separate laws to treat juvenile criminals.

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