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Sonia Gandhi throws challenge to BJP to set an example by punishing its leaders

Saturday, 19 April 2014 - 4:43pm IST | Place: Amethi | Agency: ANI

Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, on Saturday said that it is the Congress which has taken prompt action to punish those who were involved in corruption, and asked the BJP if it has taken such steps like the Congress.

"In order to fight corruption, it is the Congress which has given Right to Information through which many who were involved in corruption have been punished. I want to throw a challenge infront of the BJP whether it has punished those who were involved in corruption?These days the BJP is spreading canards, even they have gone on to say that nothing had happened after independence. Our government has brought several laws in the last ten years. Six to 14 years old children are getting free education through Right to Education. Through MGNREGA, poor villagers are getting employment. Through Food Security act many poor are getting vegetables at a very nominal rate. Through Land Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act we have ensured that no body take your lands by force," Sonia said at a rally in Amethi.

Sonia also held out a list of programmes that her party has plans to bring if it comes to power.

"We have ensured in our manifesto that people get right to health so that they get medicines and treatment at hospitals. For those who are widows and handicapped we have ensured that they get pension and they do not need to beg from anyone. We are also ensuring right to shelter for all. We will give focus on women empowerment so that they become self dependent," Sonia added.

She also stated that this election was not only a fight for development and work but also a fight between two ideologies.

"This election is not about development only, it is also about ideology. BJP is fighting based on religion whereas the Congress believes in taking everybody all along with itself. I am hopeful that you all will support the Congress and its policies," Sonia remarked.

Sonia said that it is the people of Amethi who played a big role in helping Rajiv Gandhi become the country's prime minister because of which the country has progressed. At the same time she expressed satisfaction which Rahul Gandhi living upto her expectations.

"When Rajiv Gandhi was your MP, you had a big role at that time when you made him as your prime minister which has helped India to become a progressive country. You will remember that those lands which used to remain barren, now is fertile, earlier there used to be no drinking water or educational institutions, now it is on its way to become an education hub. It is being long since Indira Gandhi came along with Rajiv Gandhi and said that I am giving my son to you for your service, keeping the same tradition intact I also gave Rahul Gandhi in 2004. Rahul has worked with you in order develop your area and I am happy that he has lived upto my expectations. Even after so many pressures you have always remained loyal with the Congress. It is the sons of Amethi who have struggled with the Congress shoulder to shoulder," Sonia said.

The Congress president also held out roadmap to further develop Amethi.

"When mega food park becomes operations then 40000 farmers will get help. Thousands of youths will get jobs from skill development institutes so that they become trained and get jobs. At the same time it has been ensured that Amethi is connected well via road and rail," Sonia added.

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