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Sonia Gandhi's appeal "fake": BJP

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 - 8:34am IST | Agency: PTI

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BJP tonight dismissed as "fake" Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's appeal that the current Lok Sabha elections was a fight to protect "the very heart and soul of India" from those who want to divide the people of this country. 

"This kind of fake emotional appeal...an appeal of desperation because the ground is slipping beneath Sonia Gandhi and Congress", BJP leader Ravi Shanker Prasad said commenting on her appeal telecast by several TV channels.

Without naming either Narendra Modi or BJP in her appeal, Sonia Gandhi said "we want unity. They want to impose uniformity. They say, 'Just believe in me". Observing that love and respect, harmony and brotherhood--in a word, non-violence--are the very heart and soul of our motherland, Gandhi said "it is this, the very heart and soul of India, that we are fighting to protect in this election, from those who seek to change it, and to divide us." 

Prasad said the coming "election is being on the issues of mal-governance, on the issue of stinking corruption, on rising unemployment, spiralling prices and on the issue of legacy of suffering of India, an unsecure India". "Sonia Gandhi has no answer to all these burning problems of the day with which Indians are distressed, agonized and deeply pained. Therefore, this kind of fake emotional appeal", he said. "What type of harmony are you (Gandhi) talking about? Calling Imam Bukhari to your residence and making an appeal to unite all the Muslims?" Prasad said adding "even Muslims are suffering from unemployment and price rise. Therefore, I see all this nothing but an appeal of desperation because the ground is slipping beneath Sonia Gandhi and Congress", he said.

Prasad said "is the disaster of ten years is not enough under Sonia Gandhi-led UPA that she is seeking support again?"

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