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Sonia Gandhi counters Narendra Modi, lists Congress' achievements of 60 years

Thursday, 24 April 2014 - 11:22pm IST | Agency: PTI

Congress president Sonia Gandhi gave an elaborate reply to BJP's charges about 60 years of Congress "misrule" and listed the work done by the party and projects implemented under her party's rule.

"While campaigning in different parts of the country, the chief minister of this state (Modi) claims that Congress never did anything for the nation during the last 60 years of its rule," Gandhi said, addresing her second rally of the day, in Gujarat.

Sonia listed several big ticket projects implemented by the Congress over the years.

"Every major dam, industries, educational institutes, infrastructure and railways which you see in the nation today -- from where did this come? Have all these things dropped from the sky," Gandhi said, replying to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's charges, without taking his name.

"White revolution, telecom revolution and nuclear projects -- these are the results of Congress policy and efforts over the years," she said.

Speaking about Gujarat's development, she said that the Congress had a hand in it as well.

"Who laid the basis of Gujarat's industrial revolution? Who set up projects like ONGC, Dharoi dam, CIPU (irrigation scheme)? Was it the BJP?" Sonia asked.

"Ask them if it would have been possible without the Congress? There are some parties which only level false charges. BJP is crossing every limit to get to the chair of the PM. A climate of hatred has been spread throughout the country. It is a matter of concern for me if people spread lies to acquire power," Sonia said.

"Can we hand over Indian democracy into the hands of such people," Sonia asked the crowd, and also targeted Modi for his statements that he would keep criminals out from politics.

"They say that they we will eliminate criminal elements from parliament, but why you have not ousted criminals from Gujarat (cabinet)" Sonia asked, referring apparently to ministers like Babu Bokhiria who has been convicted by the court and Purshottam Solanki who faces a case in the fisheries scam, but continues to be part of Modi's cabinet.

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