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Rajasthan polls: Development in, caste out

Monday, 2 December 2013 - 12:34pm IST | Place: Jaipur | Agency: DNA
Jaipurites stepped out of their houses to CAST their vote on Sunday. Kavita Pant and Abhishek Tiwari caught up with a cross-section of people on the D-Day to ask them what was the most important thing on their mind as they pressed the blue button on the EVM. We did not CASTE our vote, they said in unison!
  • Padam Saini DNA

Development and only development was on my mind when I pressed the button on EVM. This is my first outing to cast my vote and I did not want to waste it by shifting my focus towards issues that do not matter. And caste for me is a non issue.
—Tanya Dheer, student

I have voted for my caste. Why not work for the success of a person from your own caste? I do not see any harm.
—Sandeep Sharma, self employed

I have voted for development. I don’t believe in casteism. I think if an area develops, people prosper. Voting on caste basis is the thing of past. Today nobody votes because of a
candidate’s caste. Development is the only issue.
—Dr Vishaksha Choudhary, dentist

For me development of my state and area matters the most. I do not believe in caste system.
—Aakansha, IFS

My vote goes for development. Caste and religion do not matter for the youth of today. Today all that matters for a citizen is development and clean governance. Talking about caste in this age looks primitive to me.
—Divya, MBBS student

For me local issues and development matter the most. Caste might matter in villages but in city a candidate’s work and image matter the most.
—Pankaj Pujari, NGO employee

I have voted for development. Caste of a candidate does not matter to me. My vote went towards state’s progress.
—Dr Sohail, cardiologist

I did not ‘caste’ my vote but have cast my vote. I firmly believe issues like caste and religion should not be discussed at all. Come on, we are living in 21st Century. It’s time to talk about bigger issues.
—Jyoti Kumawat, professor

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