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Open letter to next prime minister: Population control policy, reduced bureaucracy and independent RBI are need of the hour

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 - 8:19pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

Dear Sir,

I firstly I would like to congratulate you for becoming the prime minister of the world’s largest democracy. I, as a common citizen of this country, which was once the fastest growing economies, have great hopes from you. 

Let me elaborate on the things I want implemented in India. Some of the below suggestions may seem unrealistic, but they are practical.

Properly framed population control policy: This is the dire need of the hour for India. India is a home (for many, footpaths and slums) to 1.2 billion people, accounting for 17.5% of the World Population. Obviously, this is one of the prime factor due to which India is lagging behind. Some may argue about the so-called demographic dividend. But, for India, looking at the present scenario, it is a complete demographic disaster!

The growing poverty, unemployment and pollution are the subsets of a huge population. I very well know that the politicians have avoided this issue fearing a fall in the vote banks since we Indians consider producing many kids (for a son) as our right, and then we think that feeding them is the government’s duty!

But, I seriously request you to please formulate a population control policy to save India from massive poverty and unemployment. Further, I don’t believe that poverty alleviation is government’s responsibility. The statements made by the people regarding the failure of the government in eliminating poverty are total rubbish. The actual responsibility to feed and maintain the children lies on the shoulders of the parents, who give them birth. Crores of rupees are wasted in things like the Food Security and Employment guarantee to feed the unwanted and burdensome population. The logic is simple: If the couple is unable to feed its own creation, they have no right to produce them. Couples who have more than two children and especially those who have more daughters first and then a son at the last should be penalised. They are the actual reason behind promoting gender discrimination. They should be taxed heavily on basic necessities since they withdraw more resources. Childless couples or those who go for one child (girl) or adoption should be taxed minimum since they did not create any additional burden but absorbed the existing ones.

Reduction in bureaucracy: This is one of the most notorious aspect for which India is famous for! The red tape is a hindrance to the prospective arenas and existing ventures. This consumes a lot of time, money and efforts. Naturally, the busy people don’t have time to waste and they prefer to switch over to some place where red tape is low. Please try to minimise the chains of procedures that one has to follow from the simplest to the most complex task.

Make the RBI independent: Again a much needed reform. Please ensure the “real” independence of Reserve Bank of India and don’t just use the RBI to dance on the tunes of the fiscal policy proposed by the finance minister. Make sure that the dignity of the RBI governor is maintained. And please keep the governor out of politics. If the position of the governor is politicised, this would send an extremely pessimistic signal to the world that no job is safe from the politics in India and politics is “above” economics in India.

Shift the resources from the populist to the productive sectors: The resources wasted haphazardly in the populist measures in the name of uplifting the so-called poor people from the poverty net should be immediately eliminated. Instead, kindly draw your focus on the much needed proper technical institutes and vocational training centers. My point is to stress on the human capital formation rather than wasting the tax payers’ money on the ones who have no job but to produce children!

This letter would go on and on but the above mentioned are the areas which need immediate attention. Thank you and wish you all the best. I am sure your efforts will definitely rescue the Indian economy from the numerous problems that it is fighting today.

(Author is a student of economics)

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