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Only meditation can stop societal decay

Thursday, 12 September 2013 - 9:29am IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: Zee Research Group

The Art of Living founder demands ban on alcohol sale citing it as a trigger for crime against women.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says yoga and meditation is the only way to put an end to pervasive moral decay in the society.

In an exclusive conversation with Zee Media anchor Mimansa Malik on Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’s Zara HatKe show, the spiritual guru and founder of the Art of Living Foundation, dwelt at length on the vexed issue of societal decay, making a fervent appeal to focus on the positive side of life and neglect the negative energies. According to the Annual Health Survey 2012 conducted by the ministry of health and family welfare, nearly 62.5 million people in India drink alcohol with the per capita consumption being around four litres per adult per year.

For every six men, one woman drinks alcohol in India. India has one of the largest alcoholic beverage industries in the world, producing 65 per cent of the alcohol in south-east Asia. It also contributes to about seven per cent of the total alcohol beverage imports into the region.

Demanding a total ban of alcohol sale in the country in view of the adverse impact it has on youth in the country, Sri Sri told #bbv on Zee News, “About 90 per cent of all cases of crime against women happen when the culprits are in an intoxicated condition. The liquor sale has increased three folds in the last few years in India which has further worsened the situation.”

On being pointed out that despite of having spiritual gurus the situation of our society is pathetic, Sri Sri replied that the population of corrupt people is more and to cater to the services of people the number of spiritual gurus is less, hence there should be a spiritual guru in each and every village to serve the people.

Globalisation is not the culprit behind societal decay in India. Concurring with the above view, Sri Sri Shankar said, “It is very wrong to blame globalisation and western world influence for the societal decay in the country. India has and always be a part of the global world. Our country has shown the path of non-violence to other countries through yoga, meditation and spirituality.”

Offering solutions to check the problem of societal decay, Sri Sri Shankar in his Zara Hatke #bbv interview, urged people to focus on the positive side of life. “All, especially children and youth, should practice yoga and meditation.”

He also requested people to look deep inside one’s own inner self and serve people selflessly.

(The show airs on Thursday@10 pm)

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