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Narendra Modi gets to work: New PM wastes no time, says Venkaiah Naidu; Kamal Nath to be protem speaker

Thursday, 29 May 2014 - 2:25pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

Following the second cabinet meet in the last 48 hours, Narendra Modi seems to leaving nothing to chance as he starts off as the PM who emerged out of the most memorable elections in recent history. 

Union minister of urban development and parliamentary affairs M Venkaiah Naidu has revealed a great deal about Modi's instructions to his cabinet, the most important of which is that all ministries have been instructed to prepare an agenda for the following 100 days. 

Naidu was further quoted as having said, "Chinta mat kariye, jald se jald ho jaayega."

The prime minister has also allegedly told the ministers that they need to focus on governance, delivery and implementation, and resolve all pending issues urgently. Further on, Modi has also specified that all states should be taken along by the Centre and that all Ministers of State should be taken into confidence and given proper work. 

Naidu explained that Modi wants Ministers of State​ to be given proper work and taken along in proper spirit because "a new team" is to be built. "The spirit of the message has been understood by all the ministers. But an MoS is an MoS. Try to understand. A Cabinet Minister is responsible. They have to segregate work...He cannot give total decision-making to an MoS. But certain work has to be given to the MoS so that they have satisfaction of having some role," he said.

This is an echo of Modi's sentiment at his address post the elections, where he claimed that the BJP can't solely focus on those who voted for them but they must also consider those that didn't and how they can be helped. Naidu has also been quoted as  having called this the 'true spirit of federalism'.

Another interesting revelation made by Naidu is that Kamal Nath is to be the protem Speaker and that the PM of India had agreed to that. 

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On being asked when the PM will shift to 7 RCR, Naidu revealed that it will happen soon.

It is both apparent and also has been told by a close Modi aide to a daily that the Government's major priority will be to further Modi's mandate that he got in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. 

As compared to the UPA, the NDA has the numbers it needs in the Lok Sabha and will definitely use this to their advantage in passing legislation that best serve their own and naturally, the nation's interests. The Modi led government is off to a great start as compared to the UPA-II where the Lok Sabha worked solely for 61% of its scheduled time and turns out to be one of the least productive in history. With 68 bills pending in the Lok Sabha and 60 in the Rajya Sabha, there are high hopes from the Modi led government as they can chose to either let these bills lapse yet again or take them forward in a house that might actually benefit from one party having an outright majority, at least with regard to the speed at which they will be able to pass legislation.

With fewer ministers in the NDA who are in charge of multiple ministries as compared to the UPA-II as well as a council that is smaller than the UPA's , hopefully the new government will succeed where their predecessors stumbled by collectively merging round Narendra Modi's PMO to tackle important issues. 

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