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Narendra Modi alleges Congress placed roadblocks in creating Telangana

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 - 9:23pm IST | Agency: ANI

Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday said here today that the party which had rejected the demand many times for creating Telangana should not be trusted.

"Will you still put trust on those forces in power who rejected your demand for creation of Telangana. It is they who fired bullets on the youth of Telangana. Those who say that they have given you your state is making false statements. It is you who have made your state. If you take a wrong step then it will mean forgetting the sacrifices given by 1100 people for creating this state," Modi said at a rally in Hyderabad.

Modi also said that when the BJP comes to power at the centre then it will take special care for the state of Telangana.

Earlier in a separate rally in Karimnagar he said that when he came here in an election rally in 2009 he had promised Telangana and now that it has been created the people need to etch their destiny.

"In 2009, I came here in Karimnagar for election campaign and sought your support for Vidyasagar Rao. You will remember that at that time as a responsible soldier of the BJP I had told you that if you elect BJP to power then we will create Telangana within 100 days. The time has come to decide, now Telangana has been done. A line has been created to bifurcate the state into two. Now you need to create lines on your palm to create your destiny," Modi said at his rally in Karimnagar.

Modi asked the people to elect a government which takes care of the interests of Telangana.

"It may be an important election for the rest of the country but this is an unusual election more so for you. If there is not a government formed at the centre which takes care of the interests of Telangana, in order to build a good Telangana," Modi added.

He asked the people not to forget the contributions made by people who died on the process for creating Telangana.

"Will you be able to trust the Congress? 1100 people gave up their lives to make Telangana. Who killed these people? Will you forget so early what Congress has done. Just remember those families whose mother has lost her son and a wife lost her husband. Will you allow the Congress in Telangana? It is the Congress party which committed a sin by troubling you. The Congress government of Mother-Son duo has no love either for Telangana or Andhra," Modi said .

Modi reminded the crowd as how the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi had ill-treated the former Andhra Pradesh chief minister T Anjaiah. At the same time he reminded that both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi disliked Narasimha Rao and that they both troubled him when he became prime minister.

"It was Rajiv Gandhi as a Congress general secretary was irked by the boisterous welcome that the then Andhra Pradesh chief minister T Anjaiah had arranged for him. A dressing down followed, and the public ticking-off was seen as an insult to Telugu self-pride. Not only that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi didn't like Narasimha Rao becoming prime minister and they continued efforts to trouble him who worked entirely for the Congress. Will you give into the power at the hands of these people?" Modi added.

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