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Muslims protest against Kumar Vishwas in Amethi

Sunday, 12 January 2014 - 4:39pm IST | Agency: ANI

Muslims protested in Amethi, burnt effigies and showed black flags to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Kumar Vishwas, ahead of his rally.

The protest started as his convoy entered Amethi for the rally on Sunday.

"Kumar Vishwas insulted our religious saint, Imam Hussain, by making unacceptable comments. That is why we are shouting slogans and showing black flags," said a protester, Parvez Ali.

The sudden fury among people rose over Vishwas's remark made during a poetic convention. Vishwas, had made a remark on Muharram at a poetic convention in 2005, which hurt religious sentiments. However, later he had apologised for his remark.

Another protester demanded that Vishwas should leave their city immediately.

"He is a man with a dancer's characteristics. He is blowing his own trumpet and after coming into politics, he is making statements against communities. We all Muslim brothers in Amethi and the entire Uttar Pradesh will protest against him. He should go back from Amethi," said another protester, Zain Anwar.

A supporter of Samajwadi Party's youth wing on Saturday had hurled an egg at Vishwas, while he was addressing the media in Lucknow city

Saif Zafri threw an egg towards Vishwas and waved a paper with slogans of anti AAP leader blaming him for hurting religious sentiments of both majority and minority communities.

However, unfazed Vishwas said that the protestors were hired and he will trounce the Congress party with a huge margin. "Let the protesters do what they want to. They are all hired. People of Amethi will not spare them. This time we will defeat Rahul Gandhi with a huge margin," said Vishwas.

Vishwas is planning to contest elections from Amethi constituency, which has been a Congress stronghold in the past and from where the Vice-President Rahul Gandhi ix expected to contest for the Lok Sabha.

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