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Khan River can become Indore's Sabarmati

Wednesday, 25 December 2013 - 12:28pm IST | Place: Indore | Agency: DNA
As Indore steps into a bold new year, dna looks at issues and life in this vibrant city with a perspective of hope, and positive participation.

If Narmada can breath life into Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad, it can very well perform such a miracle and alter the fate of Khan river in Indore.

The fate changing plan is ready and can be enforced at a nominal cost. If approved it can become a reality in near future. A ray of hope has been generated by the authorities. They are going undertake field study on the feasibility of the project.

The specifications of the project go like this: The Rs 482 crore Narmada-Shipra river linking project will be completed in January 2014. Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA) will bring Narmada water from Omkareshwar through 48 km pipeline to water scare Shipra river. The link project pipeline passes just 2.5 to 3 km away from the Khan River’s catchment area at Tillor Khurd village.

In less than one per cent of Shipra project cost, Narmada water can fill Khan river in Indore. The NVDA is mulling over the proposal and a field study will be soon undertaken. The simple and cost-effective project is the idea of Centre for Environment Protection Research and Development (CEPRD).

Organisations like CEPRD Jain Engineers Society and Abhyas Mnadal had come together in 2012 to chalk out plans for revival of Khan river. Their strategy included two approaches - maintaining flow of water in the river and ensuring the water remains clean. They had received massive support from civic bodies, schools /colleges and religious institutions.

Study of the project
NVDA chief engineer (Indore) M S Ajnare told dna that his department has received information about the proposal. “The feasibility of the project (Narmada-Khan link) has to be worked out on the ground”.

How will the link forms?
CEPRD secretary Narendra Surana says that if a pipeline can be laid from the Narmada-Shipra river linking project at Tillor Khurd to Ramandal hills, water can be pumped to a reservoir that will feed Limbodi tank through natural gravity drains. This water will flow into Bilawali tank which feeds the Khan river. Surana estimates that the linking of Khan river to the pipeline will cost around Rs 4 crore. The CEPRD had sent the proposal to chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who during his last visit here had announced that Indore was in his list of priorities.

Benefits of water flow into Khan river
Development of river front like in Ahmedabad

Year-long flow of water in Khan river will recharge of Indore’s groundwater level

All the new colonies built on the outskirts, on Super Corridor, Ring Road, Indore Bypass bank on groundwater to meet their needs. Ten years from now, water will be major concern for Indoreans and bringing in Narmada water in Khan river can help resolve it.

Sabarmati river front project
The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project is an initiative by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to develop the Sabarmati riverfront in the city of Ahmedabad, The project includes walkway development, road development along the river, promenades, garden, construction of houses, amusement parks, golf courses, water sports park and construction of Kotarpur Weir. The 10.4 km stretch of walkway is open for public use. Water amusement rides including speed boat and motor boat are working between Nehru bridge and Gandhi bridge. Both walkway and rides were inaugurated in 2012.

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