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Jaipur: house-hunting mantris

Friday, 27 December 2013 - 2:13pm IST | Place: Jaipur | Agency: DNA
New ministers are scrambling to get govt bungalows of their choice in Civil Lines, just the way tiny tots run to occupy corner seats of their bus after the school hours. And most-wanted bungalow is the one presently occupied by ex-minister Rajendra Pareek. It boasts of lush green garden, separate entry & exit gates. On bottom rung of this wish list is bungalow no 18. Ex-dairy minister Babulal Nagar lived in it till he was jailed in a rape case. Abhishek Gaur & Abhishek Tiwari check out this list…

Bina Kak’s house to get Gehlot’s nameplate?
Bina Kak’s bungalow number 48 will probably now become the house of former chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

The public works department (PWD) will now start the repair works at this house. Kak had tweeted about this bungalow being given to Gehlot as early as December 10.

Therefore, the house is not witnessing any visitors these days. It has heaps of junk lying all around the premises. The backyard of the house has remains of burnt papers lying all around.

The transcript of Kak’s son clearing a degree from a hotel management institute is also one of the items lying in the junk.

The officials of public works department informed dna that soon the work to repair the house will start as it will be occupied by former chief minister Ashok Gehlot. However, some sources said Gehlot is likely to get the house of Mahipal Maderna.

Bungalow number 47 tops wish list of new ministers
The 12 new ministers of BJP government seem to be humming KL Saigal’s classical song ‘ek bangala baney nyara’ as they screen bungalows in Civil Lines for themselves these days.

Most of the ministers want to get bungalow number 47.

This house, which has Rajendra Pareek, former industries minister, as its current occupant, is the most sought-after by the new ministers.

The sprawling bungalow boasts of a large space in the backyard which was till recently used by Pareek for his hobby of kitchen gardening.

The backyard can also be used as a second entry and exit points.

There is also a cowshed which was used by Pareek to keep two cows.

Pareek is now in the process of shifting back to his home town Sikar. The well-maintained green lawn is another attraction at this bungalow. Sources in public works department (PWD) said that this is one of the biggest bungalows in Civil Lines area.

As a result, right from Gulab Chand Kataria, who is senior most minister in chief minister Vasundhara Raje’s Cabinet, to the first time entrant Ajay Singh Kilak are eyeing this bungalow and have been making rounds to see it.

Kataria is presently the new rural development and panchayati raj minister.

Big Open space at Jitendra’s house
Another house which is being eyed by several new ministers is the bungalow number 11, which till recently was occupied by former energy minister Dr Jitendra Singh. The bungalow is also high on the wish list of ministers because there is a large open space around it. Singh used to have a large number of visitors, mainly Gurjar leaders coming every now and then to his residence. The open space has big trees which are a big attraction at this bungalow. That is why the ministers are making rounds to ensure its allotment to them. This bungalow is on the road linking Civil Lines to Ajmer Road. This is another advantage which makes it a much sought-after bungalow.

Scent of Swedish perfumes still lingers
Former education minister Brij Kishore Sharma’s bungalow number 385-B has yet not been visited by any new minister.

Sharma has already shifted his stuff from this house. But unlike other bungalows which are lying empty, this house still has things used by former education minister Sharma and his family like made-in Sweden perfumes and greeting cards received on Diwali festival.

The walls are still bearing the notices and orders of transfers of teachers and orders of education department.

The officials of public works department (PWD) are yet to start repair works at this bungalow which is open for visitors (read new ministers) to see and inspect.

The only temporary encroacher in this bungalow is the nearby dhobi (washerman) which gives tips on which house is best and who all are coming to search the nearby bungalows.

Babulal Nagar’s jinxed house
Babulal Nagar’s bungalow number 18 seems to be a ‘jinxed house’. The house is closed and PWD has put a big lock on its door already knowing that it won’t be getting any occupant. Nagar was occupying this bungalow till a few months back before he was arrested in a rape case.

People say that whoever has occupied this bungalow has always lost the elections. So nobody wants to live in this bungalow. Former BJP minister Pratap Singh Singhvi, Jaipur MP Mahesh Joshi and former minister Manglaram Koli had lived in this bungalow and then lost the elections.

Saraf likely to get house in Gandhi Nagar
New education minister Kalicharan Saraf wishes to have a bungalow in Civil Lines or Gandhi Nagar.

He wants a bungalow near chief minister Vasundhara Raje’s residence in Civil Lines but the party workers want him to take a bungalow near Government Girls’ School in Gandhi Nagar as it is in his Assembly constituency area and is also near the education department’s office Shiksha Sankul. Sources said that education minister Kalicharan Saraf may be allotted the same bungalow which was with former education minister  in Congress govt Brijkishore Sharma.

Rathore may go for house number 386
It is being said that health minister Rajendra Rathore might be interested in taking the bungalow number 386 which is just opposite the current bungalow of former minister Ramkishore Saini.

Rathore is not having any specific choice and is not fussy about bungalows. Besides, he also has a house in near vicinity.

Sources told dna that if he takes an official bungalow then it would have to be one of the main bungalows in Civil Lines, a condition which this house meets. This bungalow, in all certainty, will be used for his official works only.

Oscillating between two Sainis
Ramkishore Saini’s bungalow number 308 is also in high demand. Sources informed dna that agriculture minister Prabhulal Saini may get this bungalow once it is vacated by Ramkishore Saini. Interestingly, before Ramkishore Saini, it was Prabhulal himself who was occupying this bungalow. Located in main Civil Lines area just next to the bungalow of Rajendra Pareek, this bungalow is on the wish list of many ministers because it’s very well maintained and is on the main road of Civil Lines linking Bais Godam bridge and Ajmer Road on opposite ends.

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