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Here's what Prime Minister Narendra Modi told his secretaries today

Wednesday, 4 June 2014 - 11:06pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

  • Arijit Sen dna

In a meeting conducted for first time in more than eight years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today held discussions with secretaries of all the Ministries and senior officers of the Departments of the Government of India.

The prime minister listened extensively to suggestions and comments of the secretaries for nearly two and a half hours. Modi empathised with their anguish in not being able to realise their true potential because of circumstances. However, he expressed full faith in their commitment and competence to build a better future for the country.

He called upon the senior bureaucrats to simplify and streamline the administrative rules and procedures to make them people-friendly. He urged the Secretaries to be leaders of their teams. He also encouraged the officers to take decisions and assured them that he would stand by them. He added that in the process of governance, ideas should be converted into institutions because institutions last longer than individuals. However, he clarified that there may be rules and processes which have become outdated, and instead of serving the process of governance, they are leading to avoidable confusion. He stressed upon the need to identify and do away with such archaic rules and procedures. 

Modi even added that the process of governance of his government should begin with cleaning-up of the offices, improving the workplace, which would automatically result in a better work culture and efficient services to the citizens. 

The Prime Minister emphasised the need for use of technology for greater efficiency and effectiveness in administration. He further added that in a democracy, redressal of citizens' grievances is very important, and information technology can help greatly in this regard. He also added that through use of technology, and better understanding among departments, administrative and schematic convergence is possible. Only through collective action, faster results can be achieved.

Modi offered that he would always be ready to give an account of the work being done by him. 

The prime minister said that he was accessible to all officers and encouraged them to approach him with their inputs and ideas. 

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