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Here's how Farooq Abdullah, Priyanka and Robert Vadra faced flak from BJP's Arun Jaitley

Monday, 28 April 2014 - 3:09pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

  • Arun Jaitley

As the war of words between political parties intensified, the BJP's senior leader Arun Jaitley took to his blog and dished out some tepid advice to the Congress' Priyanka Gandhi, Robert Vadra and the National Conference's Farooq Abdullah. 

The general rhetoric of the poll season is a clash of ideologies leading to the elections before the next government comes into power. 

While the Congress brought Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to the forefront to handle campaign activities, the BJP too has upped its defence and attack mechanisms. One example of this was when the BJP came out with 'Damaad-shri' video and raised questions on how Robert Vadra managed to raise his capital from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 200 crore in a span of six years. 

So, whenever any party or candidate targets the BJP and Narendra Modi, Jaitley defends the party vehemently and even blogs a response for the same. 

Below is a list of advice, criticism and objections raised by Arun Jaitley on his blog: 

On Priyanka Gandhi: 

*I thought that Mrs.Vadra made a good point when she suggested that no personal attacks should be made. In the very next breath, she raked up “snoopgate”. What she probably meant that no personal attacks against the Gandhis, but the Gandhis are entitled to stoop to any level

*Priyanka Vadra has announced that she is not afraid of anyone. She has compared the BJP to “the panic-stricken rats”

*Family members are always entitled to help candidates in the elections. The candidate is preoccupied with many engagements. The family fills up the vacuum either in the election office or in the campaign where the candidate cannot reach

*The family members are always instructed to be extra courteous and never be overbearing on political workers. They are advised not to even make any undignified references to the political rivals. But Priyanka Vadra has lowered the quality of political discourse by her comments. Language provides a facility where even sharp comments can be made in a dignified manner

*The Vadras are right that they need not be scared of anyone. They should only be scared of the law. Be the Vadras be ever so high, the law is above them. Law spares none, be it the rich, the famous or the related. If any of my family members started referring to my opponents as rats and reptiles I surely will be a worried man.

On Robert Vadra being featured in Wall street Journal

Congratulations to Robert Vadra. He has made it to the Wall Street Journal. The Vadra business model requires the research paper to be prepared by a key business analyst." 

Start a business without any investment. Investment will flow as loans and advances which is a synonym for political equity.

"Use these loans to buy property at fraction of the market cost. Many people are willing to sell property for an inadequate consideration, accumulate a land and a property bank with the patronage of the state."

"Sell off some properties and repay back the original loan. The rest is all yours with no liabilities. So far this business model has raised only eyebrows. It is time it raises serious questions. That is what the Wall Street Journal has done."

On Farooq Abdullah saying that people who vote for Narendra Modi should drown themselves

*Farooq Abdullah’s statement that those voting for Narendra Modi would drown themselves into sea deserves to be condemned by all.

*This demonstrates Abdullah’s contempt for the majority opinion. Farooq Sahib believes and rightly so that India is secular and will not accept communal politics.

*Where is it that secularism in India has seen the single greatest failure? We had aberrations and unfortunate incidents in various parts of the country. However, Indian society has demonstrated resilience and managed to get out of the crisis quickly and normalize itself.

*The single greatest failure of secularism in India is within Farooq Sahib’s own state of Kashmir. If India has witnessed an ethnic cleansing by having one community of the State, namely, the Kashmiri Pundits ejected out of the State, it has only happened in Kashmir.

*India will never accept communal politics. I am glad when Farooq Sahib says that Kashmir will not accept communal politics. But will Kashmir offer the red carpet back for the resettlement of the Kashmiri Pundits.

*India will vote Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. Nobody needs to jump into the sea because of that. But if Farooq Sahib and his party are silent spectators, when the Kashmiri Pundits cannot go back home he should, as a gesture of repentance, at least take a dip in the Dal lake

On Congress in general: 

*Manmohan Singh reacted to the obviously visible Modi support at Varanasi by suggesting that he saw no Modi wave in the country.

*Narendra Modi has already addressed over 400 rallies across India. The attendance at the rallies has been unprecedented. The manner in which the BJP cadre and the support constituencies has been charged up through the campaign, is indicative of the inspirational mood.

*As against this, the Gandhi's are all at sea. This is the first time where an outgoing government, through its leaders, is carrying on a campaign of negativity rather than highlighting their own achievements.

*While the country is debating on the anti-incumbency against the Congress, the Gandhi's are busy attacking the incumbent. It is a rare occasion in history that a ruling party hides its failure by blaming the opposition.

*Manmohan Singh may be myopic not to see a Modi wave. Is it that he sees it but can’t admit it? This election is about a dual trend. The first is an anti incumbency against the Congress and the UPA.

*A principle component of that incumbency is leadership failure. It is thus this leadership failure which is responsible for the second electoral reaction. Modi has become a symbol of hope for an anguished India which is looking for solutions. It is the combination of these two reactions which has strengthened the desire of the country to elect Modi as its Prime Minister.

*The acid tongued amongst the Congress leaders are watching helplessly. The Chidambram's, Sibal's, Tiwari's, Anand Sharma's have convinced themselves that rude and discourteous phrases about Modi would perhaps counter Modi juggernaut.

*The Congress Party feels that it was born to rule. It is unable to visualize another party or person in power, least of all Narendra Modi. The guilt of having tried to implicate him falsely for over twelve years has created a fear psychosis about Modi in the Congressmens’ minds. 

*Salman Khurshid has virtually accepted defeat when he says that Congress may consider supporting the Third Front. Fortunately the projected figure in their case shows that even these manipulations are not likely to work. The electorate is now aware of these manipulative tendencies and is likely to deliver a decisive result. 


(With written material from Arun Jaitley's blog)

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