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Gujarat runs on Narendra Modi's rules: Shivanand Tewari

Tuesday, 3 December 2013 - 1:15pm IST | Agency: ANI

Janata Dal United (JD-U) Party leader Shivanand Tewari on Tuesday claimed that Gujarat is not run by the laws of the Indian Constitution, but by Modi’s rules.

Tewari statement came in context of the snooping scandal to which he said that the photograph of that woman along with Modi made it evident that they were ‘close’.

“There are senior officers of the Gujarat Government who are involved in this scandal, and it is not as if more such instances would not come up before the Lok Sabha elections,” said Tewari.

“This issue, as well as the issue of the fake encounters in Gujarat proves the condition of the Gujarat Government. In fact, Gujarat might be the only state in India where over 35 policemen and six IPS officers have been jailed on charges of fake encounters that took place in Gujarat. But, Gujarat does not run by the laws of the Indian Constitution, it runs by Modi’s rules,” he added.

News portals Cobrapost and Gulail had aired an alleged taped conversation between former State Home Minister of Gujarat Amit Shah, and police officer G.L. Singhal and Gulail.com had later released a picture of the Gujarat chief minister with the woman.

In one of the pictures, Modi was engaged in animated conversation with IAS officer Pradeep Sharma and the woman where her face had been blurred.

In the alleged taped conversation, Shah was instructing Singhal to closely monitor the movements of the woman referred to in the report as "Madhuri", not her real name.

The Gujarat Government headed by Narendra Modi, has set up a two-member panel of former judge Sugunaben Bhatt and retired bureaucrat K. C. Kapoor to probe charges.

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