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FULL TEXT: Translation of the Shiv Sena editorial in 'Saamna' on the Maharashtra Sadan incident

Thursday, 24 July 2014 - 6:07pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader and MP Kirit Somaiya brought the corruption at Maharashtra Sadan in Delhi into the limelight. So, howsoever we congratulate him is less. Somaiya exposed the ministers and officers who were benefitting from the establishment of the new Maharashtra Sadan with evidence. But even after spending so much money, there is no "Maharashtra" and "Marathiness" in Delhi's Maharashtra Sadan.

Marathi people cannot step into the Sadan with pride. Newly elected MPs from Maharashtra are currently staying at the Sadan, but for the last month, the situation there is such that it is better to stay in a cowshed than in the Sadan. There is no drinking water, no cleanliness and not even a proper canteen facility available. If we have to face such problems even after spending money, then anger would erupt and it happened so. However, efforts are being made by the Maharashtra Mantralaya to blow up the issue, giving it s political and religious angle.

The Shiv Sena-BJP MPs stay in the Sadan for a month or two and once they get houses from the Parliament, they leave the Sadan. But should the corruption that has taken place in the Maharashtra Sadan be left as it is? The question is, should we allow the conspiracy to keep Marathi people from entering Sadan? If raising your voice against this hypocrisy is a crime, then our men have committed this crime in Delhi. 

Historically, Maharashtrians have been insulted in Delhi. But if the migrants who have entered Maharashtra Sadan are going to treat Marathi people as inferiors, then the Shiv Sena will never bare this insult. The voice raised by party members against these issues is an agitation and not hooliganism. Even after paying, the contractor of the canteen gives us 'rubber' like chapatti to eat. In reality, the chapatti should have been force-fed to the state chief minister, PWD minister, chief secretary and Commissioner Bipin Mallick. But why there is unnecessary uproar over the issue, when we just spoke little louder, asking the contractor to eat the chapattis which were given to us? And was the caste or religion of the supervisor written on his forehead? But he turned out to be a Muslim. The allegations were made that Shiv Sainiks tried to break his fast, and the news spread from Maharashtra Sadan and Mumbai's Mantralaya. 

The media, who were heating up the issue and the parliamentarian who were raising their voice, see our act, but they don't see the rape of a 10-year-old girl by the 'maulavi' of a mosque in Afghanistan, that too in the auspicious month of Ramzan. Neither is the media is speaking about this issue, nor is the issue raised in Parliament. Recently, a teacher in Bangalore raped a small girl in a school even after having roza, but media is not speaking about this. This simply shows that the rape is okay, but not the chapatti feeding. 

Unnecessarily, why so much uproar has been created over a chapatti, and why no one is speaking about the rape by distorted Muslims is understood by the people. And it simply signifies that the media and politicians are okay with rape, but not with the chapatti (being force-fed). This is the limit of villainy. The politicians who are giving it a religious angle to suppress the corruption are digging a hole for themselves with their own hands. Tomorrow, the people of Maharashtra will bury the Congressmen in the same hole. 

Shiv Sena respects all religions and this is what we believe in. We don't have to do anything until someone misuses religion to create a ruckus. Everyone should maintain their religion in their home and heart. 

Faith is an individual's personal matter, but if someone takes the efforts to politicise the issue to malign the Shiv Sena, then you will have to deal with us. The new Maharashtra Sadan in Delhi has become whose adda? The chief minister is favouring Bipan Mallick (the person making the Maharashtra Sadan his adda) as if he was his lover. This is an insult to the Marathi people. 

So many Marathi MPs are raising voice against the issue, but the chief minister and the chief secretary are not even paying attention, while giving a religious angle to the issue. This incident has brought shame to Maharashtra's dignity. During the Lok Sabha elections, Marathi people had 'spit' on the same politics. The one who are politicising the issue should not forget that Shiv Sena is the prosperity of tomorrow's Maharashtra.


This is the English translation from the editorial from Shiv Sena's mouthpiece Saamna.

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