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From pepper sprays to CCTV cameras on doors, unsafe in the city is now a reality for many

Friday, 17 January 2014 - 8:51am IST | Agency: dna webdesk

The reports of crime, rape and kidnapping along with TV shows based on the same has made many people in cities in India take steps to keep themselves safe.

With crimes against women, the elderly and children on the rise coupled with numerous TV shows based on crimes and the city in India, many people in the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore are taking various steps to stay safe and keep their families safe.

Pranjal Mehra, 42, a homemaker from Bangalore said, " There was a time when I felt so safe in the city that I could travel at any time night or day. But this is not the case now. I have two daughters who I always ensure do not travel alone anywhere. It is really unsafe especially for women with so many rapes and other crimes on the rise."

Lakshman Surya, 54, a banker based in Delhi said, "My elderly parents live in Chennai and we had a maid who looked after them. But in our area there were a number of robberies and senior citizens who were killed. These really frightened me, I can't quit my job so I sent my wife and kids back to live there and care for my parents. I didn't want to take any risk."

Yasmeen Khan, 34, a chartered accountant from Kolkata said, "My house now has a CCTV camera for the door and the new security locks. I didn't have a safety door but after 3-4 robberies in the area, my husband insisted we put one. My kids also go to a school that has CCTV cameras for safety."

Damien D'Souza, 27, a media professional from Mumbai said, "My mother and sister get really get freaked out by all the TV serials they watch on crime. These shows may be informative but I feel at some level they make people imagine stuff."

Gayatri Gandhi, a psychologist who deals with safety and crime cases said, "I have seen a number of cases where people become paranoid reading news articles about crimes. Now the rape cases and murders are all over the media plus the TV shows with crime stories is now on the rise."

Agreeing with Gandhi, Doreen Das, a psychiatrist who deals with trauma patients said, "Pepper sprays, CCTV cameras, checking on family members and avoiding travelling at odd hours has now become a sort of part and parcel of the lives of many people. Many of my patients suffer from acute depression because of crimes in either their lives or to the people they love. Media stories and TV serials on crime are also responsible for a lot of depression in many."

Crime and phobias related to the same are on the rise, but many people in metropolitan India prefer to be safe rather than sorry as unsafe in the city is what many feel.

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