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Five people end their lives in Delhi every day

Wednesday, 7 May 2014 - 6:40am IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: dna

Despite tall claims of highest per capita income and maximum employment opportunities, on an average, two youngsters aged between 18 and 35, are among the five people committing suicide in the national capital daily.

The suicide of youth aged between 18-35 years accounts for 50 per cent of the total suicide cases reported in Delhi.

"If we categorise the cases of suicide, the youth (18-35 years), mid-aged (35-49 years) and old (46-59 years), then maximum cases of suicide come from the first age group. Almost 50 per cent," a senior police official told dna.

In 2011, the number of suicides reported in the capital were 1,716 whereas in 2012, this number climbed to 1899. In 2013, this number further got increased and crossed two thousand mark (2,004).

Going by the statistics, on an average five people in Delhi commit suicide daily. The national average, as in year 2012, is even more shocking as the rate of suicide is 11.2 persons per one lakh people.

Statistics reveal that unemployment is one the major reasons why youth in the capital are taking this extreme step. In 2012, out of 1,899 cases of the suicide, the highest number was of those who were

unemployed (369, men 320, women 49) and majority of them come in the youth category.

The unemployed were followed by housewives (380) and private sector employees (280) followed by students (266).

The suburbs of national capital Noida and Ghaziabad aren't doing any better either. The percentage of youth committing suicide is way beyond Delhi at 90 percent.

In Noida, 52 people have committed suicide since January 2014, and around 90 percent of them belong to category of youth. Ghaziabad too isn't doing any better and 19 people have committed suicide in last one month. And Surprisingly the town has only five trained psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists across the city believe that excessive expectation from themselves and other result in such extreme steps being taken by young people. Paucity of right employment resulting nay financial crisis is big part of that expectation.

"Youth, especially those who belong to big cities start expecting alot from themselves and people surrounding them from a very tender age. For example, you can see lot of students committing suicide just because they didn't score good in exams. So this intolerance towards failure of sub-par performance is the major reason by people taking such extreme step," said Dr Sidharth Chelani, senior psychiatrist.

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