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Don't run parallel organizations: BJP on AAP's janta darbar

Saturday, 11 January 2014 - 7:44pm IST | Agency: PTI

As Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's 'janta darbar' today ended up in a chaos, BJP trained its guns on AAP calling it signs of "bad governance" and accusing it of "promoting" anarchy.

"This is definitely promoting anarchy. It is a sign of bad governance," said senior BJP leader Harshvardhan while BJP state chief Vijay Goel advised AAP not to run parallel organizations.

"People were left in the middle by the Delhi Chief Minister to fend for themselves. His party is saying that they will call another Janta Darbar this Wednesday. We want to say that don't run parallel organisations. Make the system already in place corruption-free. Otherwise, people will have to face similar situations again.

"The people faced a lot of problems. They feel they were fooled. A proper system was not in place. They were called only to showcase the populist side of AAP," said Goel.

He suggested such grievance redresal forums involving the public should be organised according to issues and areas.

"The AAP officials should have addressed the grievance of the public in different districts or in their respective constituencies. Delhi government should have opened the offices instead of meeting the people and their problems should have been addressed according to issues," he said. 

Goel charged AAP government has become too busy for the public and is focusing on coming Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

Harshvardhan said running a government and shouting slogans on the streets are different things.

"Shouting slogans and governance are two different things. Once you are a part of the government, you should know to run it in an intelligent manner. It should be run systematically, meticulously, honestly and without provoking people to do bad things," he said.

"AAP is just announcing measures without thinking them through and with an eye on the upcoming 2014 Lok Sabha elections", he said.

"Their objective is not solving the problems of Delhi, they are too busy for them now. They think that they can run the government with fear and announcements," he said. 

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