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D Raja speaks about SC collegium issues and lambasts S Swamy on snooping issue

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 - 4:16pm IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: ANI

Speaking about High Court judge Mr. Manjunath's appointment as Chief Justice of the Punjab High Court, BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy said, "If the collegium resends the name and recommends same person for the post then government will have no choice but to accept the Supreme Court's decision."

He said. "Supreme Court collegium was formed 20 years back and some of the senior advocates are also urging us to rethink about the collegium." "According to the present law whatever Supreme Court instructs must be carried out by the government," Swamy added.

On the same matter CPI (M) D Raja said. "As of now the SC collegium has existed, its utilities existed and its credibility and neutrality has existed. He also said, "India should have a national judicial system Judiciary should have its credibility."

When asked opinion on bugging of Nitin Gadkari's residence and the statement made by Subramaniam Swamy, He said. "Although Home minister denied the issue home minister ordered total debugging procedure to me carried out at Gadkari's residence. Raja expressed". That being a senior BPJ leader, Subramaniam Swamy goes on to say that snooping is happening acknowledging it and accepting that its happening. Government should order a probe into it.

Raja added, "Frankly speaking there should be a probe, there should be a thorough investigation in the entire issue. Denial issued by Gadkari in not at all convincing to anyone in the nation because people now strongly believe that the snooping is going on, bugging is going on, phone tapping is going on. Earlier BJP itself opposed the matter of snooping, and then it ordered that Delhi police should investigate the matter.

"Now it is a fact that States agencies are snooping on political parties, important people and strategic installations. US are snooping not only India but everywhere because us they thinks it's the policeman of the whole world".

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